Tuesday, May 28, 2013

So,I know we aren't going to roll in glitter everyday,so what are we talking about?.

"Sparkle comes from enjoyment,from pleasure,from love-all resonating and dancing inside of you."

How to Sparkle~
Step 1. Figure out what you love
Step 2. Engage in that often.
Step 1. Figure out how to love what you are already doing.
Step 2. Engage in that often.
Step 1. Play, often.

"You have to create the time, the space & he energy to recognize what feels good. That may seem easy to the folks who are already are in touch with their natural enthusiasm. For others, it’s stretch. But one that is worth it.
Make it a game. Begin by spending 10 minutes a day just noticing, what feels good, what feels crappy. Notice why some¬thing feels better than others. The act of paying attention will allow your sparkle to unveil itself to you

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emoticon Get Your Sparkle On emoticon

(This is a Barbie song-but I like it-loll)

Get your sparkle on,
Show this world where you belong
All it takes is a little faith
Get your sparkle on,
Listen to your heart,
And feel it beaten’ strong
When you’re in doubt,
Glitter it out
Every time

Lights up,
Let’s rock the runway
This time we’La take the fun way
What’s in you got let it out
Dig deep for inspiration,
Try on your new creation
Stay true,
That’s what it’s all about

Don’t let the doubters,
Shouters, pouters,
T-turn you inside out
Don’t let ‘Am bring you down
You’vie got to move it,
Groove it, choose it,
Now is the time to prove it

Thanks for stopping by & let Your Spark Shine.

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