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The day in the kitchen...Smoothies

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The day in the kitchen...

After I finally finished juicing, I started making my smoothie (I think it was around 4pm)...


I had pulp from apples, pears, navel and Clementine oranges, strawberries, pineapple, carrots, small cucumbers, kale, bok choy, rainbow chard, parsley, celery, broccoli stem. (Carrot pulp I;m saving for carrot soup) I had the fruit and cucumber pulp separate from the veggies pulp (so I can put veggie pulp in my soup. Fruit pulp doesn;t sound good in soup)

Since I have two blenders (one is more powerful than the other). I decided to put the green pulp in the powerful blender and the fruit pulp in the other blender (I thought if there were chunks, fruit would be better)

I added some extra frozen fruit to the fruit pulp mix. I have been noticing that when you use a lot of mango or bananas the smoothie is smoother.

There was a lot of green pulp so I didn;t add any other greens. I did add some green powder to the green pulp.

The fruit tasted good but I still added some cinnamon to the fruit smoothie.

The greens did not taste good, wow what a difference green smoothie taste without the fruit and I added a lot of cinnamon.

Ok here is the messy part (like it hasn;t been messy already) is to mix up the fruit with the green smoothie. I got two big containers out and poured half fruit and half greens and then put in the blenders and blend until all the green and fruit smoothies were blended together.

Then I put them in these tall cup with lid that screwed on and it made 6 containers (I froze some)


While I was making the smoothies I was making some soup to.

Next blog....Veggie Soup
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