WOW! I just did the math: 91 lbs down!!!

Monday, May 27, 2013

For some reason, I haven't figured out that 296 - 205 = 91 emoticon

This past week, all my chickies have been home, we have gone to events and activities where we run into people who haven't seen me since way before my WLS. I keep telling only those who ask that I've lost 89 lbs.

Now while this is a HUGE number in itself, in my mind I've been tracking to the 'magic 100' mark, so haven't really made a big deal of 89. I've also been longing to get to Onederland.

So today I had the brain flash of 91 emoticon emoticon

I'm considering these numbers 'milestones' not goals, cuz in my mind, goals means I can stop working once I've achieved it. emoticon I know- weird, but true.

So milestone means to me that I've gotten to a significant place, but still will keep going on my journey.

For the most part regarding my food and eating, I've gotten into a 'nice routine' (well-said by LOVING AFRICA). I've set 'policies' for myself (or as Cortney-lee says, 'food rules' that greatly help my food/eating decisions.

While still far from perfect, I've gotten my mistakes and bad food days down to a minimum.

This leg of my journey is focusing on increasing my activities (I don't want to say 'exercise' cuz my mind is stubbornly opposed to the dreaded word "exercise" emoticon )

I still want to go horseback riding again and I'm pondering jogging. emoticon emoticon emoticon

I find this thought way too funny considering my exercise history! emoticon emoticon
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