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FITBIT- Gaining weight!! HELP!!

Monday, May 27, 2013 this weeks blogs goes like this:
On Mothers Day I got a fitbit from my kids. I was so excited! I love how it tracks and it has made me more conscious of my activity. I never knew how many times I actually go up & down stairs. One day it logged 47 stairs! I check my fitbit several times a day and find myself jogging like crazy at 11 PM to get in my 10,000 steps or more.

Now on to my calories:
I write down what I eat....even the bad stuff that I know I shouldn't be eating and am ashamed of logging it. I keep it to about 1,200 calories. Some days I feel full, but most of the times I am starved to death at night. Since logging my calories it seems I don't have the expense for fruits & veggies cause all my calories goes to other types of food. I am not big on water drinking and think nothing of downing 48 ounces of diet pepsi.

The problem: I gained weight! I am now up 3 pounds since getting the fitbit and I am more active now than before.

The SOLUTION?.....................
.........(feel free to let me know what you think is my problem)
Should I follow weight watchers and forget the calorie count?
What can I do about my feelings of starvation?
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  • no profile photo CHRIS261
    I am really struggling with calories in v calories out. I am doing much more walking since having fir bit, average 7 miles a daay. This is giving me extra calories and I just need to know if I should be eating these or not? I would appreciate any advice here
    2146 days ago
  • BEHAPPY0201
    I can say from first hand experience - I dropped the soda and lost weight
    2561 days ago
    Water and fiber! Both fill you up and keep your body digesting properly. You may have extra pounds because you are so active and your cells hold onto extra water hen you get dehydrated. Fruits and veggies have more water than most other foods and also have the fiber we need. I wish you every success. My fitbit has been such an encouragement right along with sp. I'm right in the middle of the BMI range now, but with small frame I do want to lose a fe more pounds.
    2910 days ago
    I ate poorly today...but tomorrow is another day!
    2911 days ago
    I'm reading The Spark Solution and they have women at 1500 calories and only at 1200-1300 if you're 5'2" or shorter or have a medical issue that could be slowing down your metabolism. I vote for adding more fruits and veggies to your diet. Also, when you eat veggies, you need to have some sort of fat with them so your body can absorb the nutrients better. I add lemon to my water and that gives it enough flavor that I don't drink soda AT ALL anymore - diet or otherwise. You can do it! Just tweak a few things and you'll be fine.
    2912 days ago
    Fruits and veggies will fill you up. Water will fill you up. Then you can get by with smaller portions of the other food you don't need that much of, and I'm with the rest... seldom would I recommend a diet of less than 1500 calories, unless you are under 5 feet tall.

    And... giving up diet soda was the LAST piece of my success puzzle to fall into place... but I've been soda free since Christmas 2009, and it's been the best thing I ever did for myself, in terms of minimizing "bad behavior" with food. I didn't *do* it because of the weight loss thing... I did it to avoid further BONE loss (I'd just had surgery on my parathyroid). But turns out, it helped with the weight loss and maintenance of same, as well!

    Good luck! emoticon emoticon
    2912 days ago
  • ROCKMAN6797
    You may need to increase the amount of calories you are taking in. You may be creating too large of a calorie deficit which would then cause your body to enter a starvation mode where it will not allow you to lose any weight whatsoever.
    Are you following the Food Plan on the FB site? If not, then you may want to start (and start slowly, i.e., 250-500 calorie daily deficit).

    BTW, I am sure you know this but the diet soft drinks, even though they are zero calories, do really play havoc on your weight loss. It can lead to a diet soda belly and increased fat around your organs amongst other things. While you may never be able to give them up you may consider decreasing the amount you drink on a daily basis and replace it with water. I use to drink up to 2 liters of diet soda per day and zero glasses of water so change is possible. I now drink only water and, if I need some flavor, I use one of the many types of flavor packets that are available.

    Lastly, it is not all about weight loss. How are your clothes fitting you, how do you feel, and how do you look? There are so many more other ways to claim success!

    2913 days ago
    i would ditch some of your other foods and buy fruit and vegetables you really like. Also try new veggies ( i have learned to like broccoli). You also need to cut back on the soda, diet soda tends to make you want something sugary to eat. Drink water icy cold i was never much of a water drinker either, but i was a diet soda drinker also, now i only have a soda with my meals then i don't feel deprived. If you tweek your diet you will lose weight with fitbit i've lost 23 lbs since January thanks to sparkpeople and fitbit. you can do it to emoticon
    2913 days ago
    You are probably not eating enough. Yes, this is true. Up your calories to 1500 and you may start to lose. Also, if you are hungry, eat something healthy. Piece of fruit, cheese stick, etc. I am not losing either but I know what to do having been there many times. Just don't do it. I'm in a class at the YMCA and they teach EGO. Eat Good Food and often. They say eat 5 to six meals a day. # meals and 2 to 3 snacks. Handful of almonds, an apple and a bit of cheddar cheese, etc. Your body has probably gone into starvation mode hanging on to its fat. Lean Protein and veggies.
    2913 days ago
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