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~... so it begins again... "Kama & Nancy we can do this!!!! ~

Sunday, May 26, 2013

... so I am not going to say that this is the "last time" that I am "once again starting" another weight loss journey/challenge (... yes it is challenging for me! emoticon ), but I will say that with each attempt to reach my goal I learn something more about myself and why I am not reaching my goal.

Over the past year I have made progress only to sabbotage myself over the Thanksgiving/Christmas holidays... gaining all the weight and then some back. Here's what I have learned:

emoticon EATING: ... I have learned:

- that I do like the paleo/primal way of eating and that it is very effective in not only helping me shed pounds/inches but also in controlling my craving for sugar & reducing my LDL & cholesterol levels, etc.

- that I have to be prepared for those unexpected moments, like the parties at work and those times when I may not feel like cooking. This is where "batch cooking" comes in handy

- that "eating fat" is not the enemy, but eating "too much of it" is!

- that although I follow a paleo/primal lifestyle, for the most part, I eat according to what "works for me"... because there is "no one size fits all" and that includes the paleo/primal lifestyle(s). I am not going to demonize a food because it may not be "allowed" (... and this includes, legumes, new potatoes, rice, corn tortilla's, etc.) because, in moderation/daily rotations, if it does not cause inflammation or stall my weight loss... "its on the menu!", simple as that! emoticon

- that I "have to" keep track of my calories/macros... sometimes I eat too much, sometimes I eat too little. I need to have a point of reference for when I am no longer making progress, and even when I get off track as a reference tool to get me going again. It's really not a problem for me, I just have to do it!

emoticon EXERCISE... I have learned:

- that the "all or nothing" approach does not work for me and is in fact counter productive. I end up tired, burnt out and have had to stop working out for weeks.

- to acknowledge my limitations, and that every "new workout" is not for me. I have bought way too many workouts that were too hard and really didn't make sense... not naming any particular products here. emoticon & I am not saying that I won't buy any more dvd workouts because obviously, being the vidiot that I am emoticon that just would'nt be true, but what I am saying is that I will wait that "temptation to buy" feeling out and not give in to "impulse buying!"

- that more is not always better. For instance, I have had people suggest to me that I should do full body ST workouts at least 3X's a week. Well, that just doesn't work for me. For one, whenever I do "ONE" full body workout, I am sore for days. And to be honest I really don't like full body workouts. I have found that what works for me is doing "one" full body workout at the beginning of the week and doing "split workouts"... working the body parts that are not sore, during the rest of the week. I feel that I can accomplish more this way and I can vary lifting heavy/less reps or higher reps/less wt, etc. My lower body is usually what stays sore the longest, but I can add a lower body split workout in during the week when the soreness subsides, still giving me @ least 2 days of a lower body workout, and my cardio kickboxing workouts will include some lower body work as well.

- that variety really is the spice of life!... As most of you know by now, I have many, many, many dvd workouts and although to some this may be excessive, it keeps me from getting bored. There are days when I am low on energy and need a less strenuous workout, this is where my pilates and walking videos come in handy... I have dance workouts, like "Hip Hop Abs", for when I "mentally" just don't feel like working out (.. yes, I have those days too! emoticon )... or when I am especially stressed (... of just want to hit something emoticon ) I put on my boxing gloves and do a heavy bag workout.... the bottom line is that workout variety keeps me doing "something" rather than "nothing" emoticon

emoticon SLEEP... I have learned:
- that I need more of it! ... seriously working on this one!

emoticon ... I have learned that "I will always be a work in progress" because as long as I live I will always be open to change & emoticon new challenges for my physical, mental & spiritual growth. "BALANCE IS KEY" emoticon

I and a couple of my emoticon's, KAMA (KAMAPERRY) & NANCY (ATHENA130) will be doing this together. I will be starting on Tuesday, May 28th. emoticon

WORKOUTS: This is what my workout schedule will look like, starting from June 2nd:

SUNDAY: Full body ST
MONDAY: AM/PM Walk / PM Cardio TBA
THURSDAY: AM/PM Walk / HIIT / Split ST?)
FRIDAY: AM/PM Walk / Split ST

... remember...

~ Dee emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    What a great blog Dee. So much understanding of where you are right now is great. I can relate to the all or nothing mentality and then paying for it for days on end..then quitting again. I love the idea of moderation and not ruining your awesome energy with total body workouts. I'm going to try the same thing! My upper body stays sore longer while my legs bounce back quicker....

    I hope you have a fantastic day of workouts and yummy foods you're making. You are doing emoticon !! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1811 days ago
    I love the things you have learned and they all apply to me. We have so much in common. I hope you have great success with your challenge.
    1818 days ago
    Thanks to you, all of us have learned a whole lot about ourselves and this journey to a healthier person. You are an inspiration to so many! Never, ever give up.
    1821 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    1822 days ago
    You can do it!

    I agree with many points in your blog today... just do what feels natural, no restrictions!

    Good Luck to you and your 2 spark friends!
    1822 days ago
    Looks like a well thought out plan. Good Luck!
    And yes....that sleep thing is VERY important, as a night shift worker...I am very familiar with the effects of not getting enough sleep!
    1822 days ago
    Dee - I can relate to a lot of the dietary things you mention especially the too much fat can be the enemy and that if certain foods don't cause you issues even if they're "banned", it's still okay to eat them. I won't give up beans or corn tortillas for good as neither bother me in any way so I will never be 100% Paleo. I'm very much a Flexitarian minus all the wheat/gluten carbs.
    1822 days ago
    You three got this!
    1822 days ago
    I love your approach!! And as a fellow "vidiot" (lol, I love that) I agree, you and I need variety! I have many workout dvds,and I know I will have more. Right now I have an online trainer and he helps me so I don't hurt my knees. I also love paleo, but yet once in while, I need that potato or bread, even oatmeal! Helps me to not binge if I know I can have it once in awhile. I am sooooooooooo ready to do this, and very excited to be doing it with you! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1822 days ago
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