So,You've Had a Bad Day...

Sunday, May 26, 2013

We all have them..those days where nothing is going right...when you just do not feel like sparkling at all.

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1. Figure out why you are unhappy and do something about it. If your bad day is stress-related, unburden your mind from the things that you are worrying about. Sometimes, just making an action list of the things you need to do will alleviate the stress that is weighing you down. Plan ahead so you can break bigger projects down into smaller steps.

2. Have a regular fitness routine. Physical fitness and well-being go hand in hand. Taking care of your body will help. Drink plenty of water to avoid becoming dehydrated. Eat a balanced and nutritious diet. What we put in our body is fuel for dealing with all of life's demands, including stress.

3. Talk to someone who cares. Venting our feelings out loud can help us put things in proper perspective. Choose more positive people to support you. Negative people breed more negativity. Write down your feelings so you are paying attention to the things that trigger a negative response in your life. Pay attention to those personal issues that need your attention instead of delaying or avoiding a response.

4. Avoid destructive emotional responses such as overeating or turning to caffeine, drugs and alcohol , smoking and other addictions. Instead of choosing things that will only add to your stress you can try meditation, reading a good book, taking a nature walk, listening to music, relaxing or drinking some caffeine-free herbal tea.

5. Bring yourself to a clearing place in your mind. Focus yourself so that you are not regurgitating negative thoughts throughout your day. Your unhealthy thoughts should pass through your body like a truck-stop burrito. If there is no nutrition from the thoughts you are thinking; then eat some healthier food for thought. Remain mindful during your day and turn your negative thoughts into realized actions of a person who has found a positive outlook and self-empowerment.

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I hope you all are having a really good day & remember to let your Spark Shine!

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