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The Mouse in the House

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Yesterday was far too exciting. The first thing that happened really perturbed me and hubby is not taking it very seriously. But I want to be able to go to the basement and do laundry without worrying where I step. I had been doing some cleaning down there and on one of my trips down the stairs I saw a MOUSE scurrying under one of the shelving units. I am not terrified of mice but they give me the creeps. I live in this house and never invited any 4-legged creature in except for our two dogs. I prefer it stays that way. So the first thing we did was look all over for where did it come in and didn't come up with any answers. There is the dryer vent but than it would have gone into the dryer. Hubby broke a window last yr. down there and only covered it with plywood and he swears it is not possible for it to come in there because of the screen having no holes. It is a mystery! The second thing done is we made sure it has nothing to eat down there but like he says mice will gnaw on wood. So now the next step is mouse traps. Thank goodness the dogs never go down to the basement so they will not set off the traps. We need to buy those when we go to town.
That was bad enough but the next thing that happened was much more devastating. My friends and I walk 5 dogs very regularly. This is very sociable for us and our dogs. Annie has only little Buddy a terrier, medium sized. Shirley has a shepherd cross called Sam and little Muffin a Shi Tzu. I have two dogs we rescued in Mexico one of whom is a Rottweiler, Otto snatched from death's door by my friend and eventually adopted by Charlie and I and the other is a poodle/schnauzer cross, Chica who is a little darling. She has recovered from tick disease and a heart irregularity. Usually these dogs are happy to be together and our walks are joyous. Yesterday Sam and Otto got into a fight and Otto would have killed Sam if Shirley had not stepped in and dared to put her self in great danger by stopping Otto. He had Sam on the ground and was trying to bite his throat. Strangely later Otto's eye showed Sam had bitten him on the left eye and between his eyes. Last night his eye wept and we are concerned that he bit through his eyelid and into the cornea. This is such unusual behavior that we are blown away. We are still waiting to hear what damage was done by Otto to Sam but he was not bleeding while Otto was. This is not the end of the story but I don't know how it will end. Can we trust the dogs just to hang together ever again? Maybe not and that may be the end of our pack. Oy, vey!!!!!!!! After I shower this morning and get myself together I will walk our two dogs on my own and maybe later when the rest of the gang finishes church we will all walk but I will only bring Chica. Other than that life is fine, The house is almost finished being cleaned and it all shines with all windows being polished and the yard is doing great with grass cutting and just waiting for more soil for the flower beds so I can plant the last of the 2013 annuals.
We are both doing very well following a very healthy food plan and exercise but Charlie sure needs that surgery for a hip replacement and I keep checking my BP and it is too high on the systolic even though I am on meds for it. The nurse practitioner says if I only would lose that last 20 lbs I could bring it down on my own but I wonder. So I must lose that weight and either it will go down or I need better meds. It is not good to have it at 150/75.
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    sorry about the mouse and the dogs...hope all turns out well
    1795 days ago
    I am sorry to hear about your dog Otto, and friends Sam. I hope both dog will be ok. Sending prayer for them. What a surprise in your basement. I had experienced mice situation in my old efficiency apartment. Where the mice run all around my room and my small kitchen. It actually bite thru my mixed peanut can and ate my peanut. Can you believe it? It has very strong teeth. But I set a mouse trap with ham and cheese, in the middle of nt, mouse got in the trap and finally my mouse problem has ended. I felt kinda bad for the trap had kild mouse but I was so glad no more mouse in my apt. Good luck on catch him.

    Have a nice rest of your weekend and Memorial Day Gina. (*^o^*)
    1795 days ago
    Gina...I'm so sorry to hear about the dog problems. I hope everything settles down, and there is no lasting damage to Otto's eye. I hope Sam is OK, too.

    As far as the mouse is concerned...They can get in by the tiniest little cracks. You'll probably never know how it got in. Good luck with the traps.

    Praying the BP comes down soon. I'm hoping my cardiologist takes me off one of my BP medicines when I go on Friday. I often get dizzy when I get up after sitting for a while, and I think it's because my BP is too low.
    1795 days ago
    Wow what a scare with the dogs. You and your friends need to start with the two fighters on leads and be determined that they ARE NOT going to be leaders fighting for supremacy. Hope it comes right.
    Regarding your 20 pounds, that really isnt a lot of weight to lose. Try going on a green diet for a month...spinach, green beans, broccoli etc and leave off the simple carbs and you will do it. I lost 12.5kgs (15 pounds) in my first month of this eating style. I had to do it for pre diabetes and insulin issues.
    1795 days ago
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