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Snot Rockets and Eating When Exhausted

Saturday, May 25, 2013

My day started off great - got in an hour on my stationary bike, got a 20 minute walk in before work, another 20 minute walk at lunch, and 14 minutes after work. I was supposed to lift weights this evening, but I'm so exhausted after literally standing around all day at work. I was training on admissions and gift shop registers even though my job is supposed to deal with collections and curatorial duties for the museum, because I'm a "supervisor" and I need to know how to do all the register stuff and sign off on things and whatnot. And the day ran late and I am 4 1/2 months pregnant with a pretty good belly already due to there being twins stuffed inside me instead of just one kid, so my back was killing me by the end of the day, and I spent most of the day half-starved because all my snacks were upstairs in the offices and I was downstairs at the admissions desk with my own supervisor, training, and I'm so new that I felt uncomfortable saying "um, I'm pregnant and feel REALLY weak from hunger, can I please go get a snack?" when we were super busy, so...I jammed food in my face when I could and came home ravenous, and inhaled everything but the dinner I'd actually planned on.

Sorry for the super run-on sentence...that's what happens when I get tired. I ramble.

So instead of the nice Greek Chicken Pasta I was going to make myself (it's an recipe and it looks really good and relatively healthy if you're interested - feta and artichokes and chicken and lemon juice and herbs), I ate craptons of Honeycombs cereal that I bought the other day out of pure nostalgia for the days of my youth when we frequently had cereals like Honeycombs at home, and I tore into the Trader Joe's veggie and flax seed tortilla chips, and some cold rotisserie turkey, and hummus, and even some chocolate chips. Not cookies. Just the chocolate chips. Because I wanted a chocolate fix too, among the grain/salt/protein-fest I found myself enveloped in.

Plus I've been getting like 5, maybe 5 1/2 hours of sleep the past couple nights because I get up around 5:15 or 5;30 and I still haven't learned to go to bed earlier than I'm used to.

So today was a perfect storm of Things That Make Me Eat the House Bare.

But it started out so nice! There was even a 5k or some kind of race going on this morning when I arrived in the city where I work (which is an hour from home), and some old guy blew a couple snot rockets into the ditch right beside the sidewalk where I was taking my morning walk, with no shame at all, and it made me laugh to myself. I would never have the balls to just blow snot rockets around people, let alone in their direction when they're not 5 feet away. Way to do your thing, old dude. I mean, you gotta have a clear nose for running, right? When I was able to run, pre-pregnancy-hip weirdness, my nose ran nonstop so I totally understand!

Anyways. Rambling. Tired. Must go to bed early! Since I bailed on the weight lifting for the evening, I'm going to try to do it in the morning before I have to travel out of town for a family party. I was hoping to go for a long bike ride, but...I doubt there will be time for both. Oh well. No harm in a cardio rest day, is there? Some day, I am going to actually learn that lesson and internalize it because after months of trying, I still can't quite make myself believe it.
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  • OPTIMIST1948
    I agree - running around like a lunatic is one thing - asking for a 10 min break to eat because you are afraid you are going to faint...that's a total other thing. Perhaps tomorrow you could mention it ahead of time to the PowersThatBe. I dont think its unreasonable - especially if it is cleared ahead.
    2157 days ago
    You have to speak up at work if you need something. You are pregnant- everyone will more than understand. That's the nice thing about being pregnant. Everyone treats you like a queen!
    2159 days ago
  • LJOYCE55
    You are tired, so I hope you were able to get your sleep. thank you for coining my new favorite word: craptons. So perfect and accurate for my use.
    2160 days ago
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