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Saturday, May 25, 2013

I had a paradigm shift concerning exercise on May 9 thanks to SP (see blog of that date).

"Losing weight will NOT fix your life. Fix the problem, and the weight will take care of itself."

It's not about weighing too much, it's about the two behavioral problems of eating too much, and exercising too little. Fix THOSE, and the weight will take care of itself.

I do the No S Diet for food, and The Step Diet for exercise (see team icons on my page). I also have dusty dumbbells around somewhere for ST . . . in storage I think. Waiting til I can move into my own apt. They are definitely not being lifted.

Since May 9 I have been looking for strength-training (ST) exercises I can do at home with no equipment. (Some I know by heart like wall pushups, and leg lifts and supermans on the floor, bicycles in bed, etc. But I don't really have a program and am craving more structure.) Cardio & ST are the two required cornerstones of exercise. I walk for cardio, but know I need to also focus on building muscle via ST.

FlyLady has a marvelous way of stating things. She describes how so many of us have crash-and-burn syndrome, with all-or-nothing thinking. We want to tackle cleaning out THE ENTIRE ROOM (or house, garage, basement, attic, life, world, etc) instead of setting a timer and working on one box or one pile or one corner for 15 minutes. So you kill yourself going gung-ho for a few hours, going overboard, but you can't keep that up. Repetitions, good intentions, and self-control and discipline may last a day or two or a week, but you can't do that for the rest of your life.

Instead you need a common-sense, sustainable alternative.

Instead you need a routine. To make you CONSISTENT. Yep; routines like the ones FlyLady is famous for. And instead of crash & burn, you need to set a timer. When it goes off, STOP, even if you're not done with the pile, chore, etc. Set it for 15 mins; if you can't do 15 do 10; if you can't do 10 do ____, etc.

Since my May 9 paradigm shift, and search for ST, I knew with my new life as a result of the paradigm shift that I'd be tempted to implement exercise "crash and burn" style, as I've done in many previous attempts at establishing exercise. But I'm also wiser now and knew that wouldn't work, wasn't feasible, and was incongruent with my paradigm shift as well.

So I decided I'd start with 10 mins of some kind of structured ST everyday. While 10 mins galls me by it's smallness, it's a hundred percent more than the ST I'm currently doing. Think of Chris Downie with the sticky notes of days in a row of exercising; yep, this is the right environment to be encouraged about implementing the 10 min solution. Speaking of SparkGuy, I have no desire to join another team, tho I know there are a few such as his 10 minute team.

I kind of wanted to do the 10 min videos because I am just starting out and wanted to pay close attention to form. And I also knew SP has 10 min videos, and core ST exercises (upper, core, lower, full body). Just wasn't sure where to go from there.

I researched "3 on, 1 off", and found out it is not for me as a beginner at home. I just need to focus on 10 minutes and leave it at that, at least for now; building consistency ala Flylady & SparkGuy. I can implement other things later; longer videos, shovel glove, etc.

I started researching resistance exercises, which brought me to body-weight exercises; and then I searched for those.

Wikipedia says, "Bodyweight exercises are strength training exercises that do not require free weights; the practitioner's own weight provides the resistance for the movement. Movements such as the push-up, the pull-up, and the sit-up are some of the most common bodyweight exercises. In general, increasing the amount of repetitions will focus on improving endurance, while strength gains are made through increasing the intensity of the exercise through decreasing leverage and working at the ends of range of motion."

Um, yeh-uh, we called that Gym Class, or calisthenics, back in the day.

For advantages, disadvantages, and list of body weight exercises in Wiki, click this link:

However I found a whole bunch of bodyweight videos conveniently grouped together at one link on SparkPeople - my wish granted!! Many of them are 10 minute videos - OR LESS - a few are longer but there are plenty of 10 minute ones. Here they are!!!, scroll down to see them all:
ag=body weight (no equipment) workout

Who's with me?!

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    I've always loved Flylady's 15 minute work thing. I did it for a while and need to get back to it.
    1792 days ago
  • OOLALA53
    One poster on reported that he started with just 4 minutes a day of resistance exercise! Even after a few months, he had not worked up to Reinhard's 14 minutes, but combined with No S, he had lost 40 lbs. and it fit in with being a father of 4 daughters (lots of 4's here.)

    I'm joining you!
    1793 days ago
    10 minutes strength training per day is emoticon A little bit consistently will get you farther than the all or none.
    I do my strength training in the fitness center at work. We have a fitness coach that comes in twice a week. I try to make it to at least 60 minutes of that class time per week - sometimes 120. With everything going on the past months, I haven't always been able to make it, but most times, I work my schedule around by going in earlier in the morning to make up my work time. It has been an anchor for me, and has been very instrumental in helping me maintain my 106 week streak of at least 60 fitness minutes per week.
    1793 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/26/2013 9:41:22 PM
    I don't think the SP link is right.
    I too have been thinking that I must add in ST, great minds think alike!
    1794 days ago
    Yep, consistency in what you can do with what is available to you now is definitely better than anything else!
    1795 days ago
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