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Saturday, May 25, 2013

I've always heard about it: those months during pregnancy where your belly starts to puff out and clothes don't fit right, but you don't really have that "oh, she's pregnant" belly. I guess I'm in that stage right now, although (awesomeness!) I am still in my regular clothes at 4.5 months! I've gained 10 pounds, which is a little hard to accept when I really stop to think about it, but most of the time, MOST of the time, I think, "They call this the FAT stage????"

Dude, I've BEEN fat! This ain't it!

Seriously! Yeah, I have moments when I look down at this growing hump in my midsection and wonder where my flat stomach went, but my goodness! Maybe I would feel differently if I'd always had a thin figure. Maybe I'd be freaking out as the pounds crept on for the first time in my life. But that's not the case, and even at the point I am at right now, 4.5 months pregnant, I am still 50 pounds less than I was last April. PLUS there's a baby in there, so how can you be upset about that?

(The baby is starting to make itself known! I've been feeling little fluttery feelings for the last week or two, but this was the first week that I felt a tap-tap-tap low in my abdomen. Very cool! We will find out what we're having in two weeks, and I am sooo excited! Can't wait to know for sure!)

P.S. - that devil cat of ours is still here. Andy shampooed all the carpeting and she's been good about the litter box since. But, she's developed a weird thing where she'll growl and hiss at me whenever I come out of the bathroom, even if I was just brushing my teeth and not heading directly toward her. Maybe she's freaking out about the pregnancy? Not sure, because she's fine with me the rest of the time. I'm actually feeling a little guilty but I almost hope she screws up royally one last time -- I don't want to get rid of her but I really don't want her around either. We'll see...!
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  • BRADMILL2922
    "Dude, I've BEEN fat! This ain't it!"...Classic Erin! Always make me laugh!

    That is awesome that you are really starting to feel things! I am looking forward to hearing what you are going to have. I am going to guess boy but I have to admit, my track record for guessing the sex of an unborn baby has been pretty lousy. So, anyone who wants to put a nickel on team pink, is a smart move!

    That cat sounds a bit nutty quite honestly. lol. The Devil Cat Drama!
    1851 days ago
    These are happy times Erin. You will always remember and cherish those first few "flutters". What a great term for it too. (And UH, NO! It's not fat!).
    1852 days ago
  • STAY39
    Wow 4.5 months already! this is easy -All you have to do is buy some maternity clothes and it will be clear to all that you have a pregnant belly and not a "fat" belly! While its great that you can still fit in them- Get out of your regular clothes- you will feel more comfortable and more adorable! emoticon

    I am so excited for you finding out the sex of the baby! That was always my favorite day- it's like Christmas! I could never sleep the night before. It's so nice to finally have a real identity for your little miracle! I hope you will be sharing with us! emoticon

    Sorry about that punk cat. Just try to stay away because I do believe they can sense the hormones and can be so unpredictable. Let hubby deal with any "accidents" and hopefully he will do what is best. emoticon

    Great to hear from you! Have a wonderful weekend! emoticon emoticon

    By the way, I got free dining for my Disney trip in Sept! emoticon
    1856 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/25/2013 11:08:14 PM
    Way to go, non-fat-pregnant-lady! emoticon

    You know what - if you don't want the cat around, get rid of it. She doesn't need to screw up again to prove it's a good decision, and you don't need an excuse. If you want to get rid of her, get rid of her. You can always try again with a new (NON-PSYCHO) cat after you're done popping this baby out and you think it would be a positive addition to your household. Or not. Don't wait, if you would be happier if this wild animal found a home elsewhere. You're allowed. It doesn't make you bad, or heartless. It may just be appropriate in this case. End of story. What's best for you and your baby is what matters here. I hope you can come to a resolution that makes you happy!

    TAP TAP TAP!!!!
    1856 days ago
    Ahh yes, the questionable fat or pregnant stage!! It's inevitable for all! Love the butterfly feelings!

    Your cat probably is reacting to the pregnancy - super common.
    1856 days ago
    So happy for you and your little fluttering! And I laugh at those poor women who gain ten pounds and think it's the end of the world..lol I lose and gain 10 pounds in 3 days...lol Amateurs! ;)

    I love hearing your updates! I can't wait to hear what the baby will be and to hear the exciting conclusion of the saga of the devil cat...lol
    1856 days ago
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