hyserectomys, kittens and near death experinces my what a month

Saturday, May 25, 2013

This has been a weird, crazy, and almost deadly month for me. As I mentioned in my last blog I was up for a hysterectomy. Well I had it, and boy do I regret it. Well, not the surgery itself, just the person who did it.
Did you ever have a doc that never listened? Well that is the kind of doc that did my surgery. I had the surgery and whole lot of wrong happened. First they put me on Percosit. Bad Bad Bad nightmares. And to top it off I was so stoned from that pain meds that I was falling asleep every five min. Then I got sent home two days after my surgery (surgery done 5/8 discharged 5/10) with no atibiotics. (gotta love them HMO's) I spend 4 days At my sisters while I had my staples in. Still stoned not realizing the pain killers were not working the way they were suppose to, and still giving me bad dreams. That whole first week I think I ate less than one day's worth of food, if that. Yeah I lost weight IN THE WORST POSSIBLE MANNER!!!!! but I lost about 12 pounds.
When they took my staples out only a week later (5/15) I told them some thing wasn't right. The Dr. said everything was fine, so I didn't make to big of a stink about it. It wasn't, I had gotten a really bad staph infection at the hospitial as well as cellulities. I was told to take the tape sutures (Steri Strips) off on the following Monday (5/20). Well I did first thing that morning. Then I went to powder my nose, and sat back on the bed next thing I know there is about 2 and a half cups of puss on the sheets!!! I called my neighbor/gardien angel who rushed over. I cleaned myself off/up and we called the ambulance.
when I got to the ER I found out that I was right and my wound opened up and ejected all that crap out of my body . If it hadn't I would not be "talking" to you today. They pumped me full of stuff (IV fluids, IV pain meds and IV antibiotics) and then sent me home to my sisters... still not listening to me!!! I had to go back to the hospital later that night. When I was finally seen by someone other than the ER doc, it was 1:42 am the next day I had to be admitted (again) and they still wern't listening to me! So after all that crap I took out my own IV told them I was done and to take a flying leap. And started to walk out of the hosptial. Well they called my sister, and in turn she called my other sisters... for re-inforcments. She made sure that they were listening to me then. They had security following her around (yes the term big fat lawsuit was brought up lol) she called my other two sisters to sit on me till they could get in home health care at her house.
So now she is the officail boss of me And I have a nurse come out every day to change my bandage. And she makes sure every body and there brother listens to me. I am walking around doing light stuff (when the "boss" allows me) and enjoying my family.I am also sharing a room with 3 lound two week old kittens and there momma. Sister says I can go home when she says so, not the dr, especially after the crap they've put me through since my surgery lol. That is where we are and what is going on. I'm alive and kicking... not high, but kicking none the less...
the next health problem I tackle is my back and all I have to say to that is NO SURGERY!!!!!!!!!!!!
love and miss you guys teribly talk to you soon.
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  • LOSER05
    you could have died, it sounds like a law suit to me. they didnt care about your health its just in and out... I guarantee the dr. wouldn't put up with care like that, he'd have them fired.
    2841 days ago
    2841 days ago
    WOW what a nightmare!!!! I'm so sorry you had to go through that , I had a hysterectomy last year and had it done through my belly button with 4 more incisions so they could put the camera and grinder in. I was in the hospital over night and that was it, that's all the insurance allows (can you imagine). I was on perks like you but didn't have any side effects like you and they did send me home with antibiotics.
    My belly button was all bandaged and so I just had steri strips near the other incisions and I was hurting big time I was lucky that hubby took his vacation to help me out and take care of me.
    Your lucky to be alive and isn't it awful that it took them to hear that you'd sue them in order to listen to you, I went through hell with my dad this January with him on a respirator so I know how the stupid nurses and doctors don't care or listen unless you scream and shout and make yourself look like an a$$ in their eyes.
    Listen to your sister she has your best interest at heart it usually takes a good 6 - 8 weeks to recover from a hysterectomy, but in your case might take even longer cause of what you've gone through. Don't do anything strenuous your body needs a good rest!
    God Bless and hope your feeling better very soon! emoticon
    2841 days ago
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