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Before You Remember

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Long before you really remember, you were told you were smart, or pretty, or cute, or dumb, or silly.. You were rewarded for being creative, or scolded for being loud...told to sit still, or speak up. Far behind your memory, in hidden places you defined yourself, and decided who you are.

Some definitions were more comfortable than others. Some categories may have been less easy to slip into. But repeated often enough, became "true", whether they were or not.

Without even realizing it, you do it now. You secretly, silently, tell yourself you're good, or not. You internally whisper "this is just like me", and "I always..."

These tiny thoughts, seemingly inconsequential, have more power than money, circumstance, or even happiness. They frame, color, and redefine your ENTIRE world.

Like re-designing your food, and making new choices, or deciding to wake up and take a walk instead of hitting the snooze button, your thoughts may need a little examination. You can make a decision about how to treat yourself, describe yourself and your actions and your life.

Find the kindness, and filter out the unnecessary criticism. Be genuine, and honest in your evaluation, praise, and appreciation. Be positive.

It's true that you ought to treat others the way you want to be treated. "Love yourself" is a summary. "Treat yourself the way you want to treat others," is a step closer to instruction.

Before you remember how someone once said you were, think of how wonderful you are. It's there, and you are right for recognizing it. You deserve it, but aren't required to earn it.

Note to self.
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