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Saturday, May 25, 2013

I've been avoiding posting about this out of an "I don't want to jinx this" mentality, but that is NOT WORKING OUT SO WELL...

So, husby & I are buying a house.

(I'm trying to STOP saying we are "trying to buy a house"... again, hedging/lack of jinx = not actually magic...)

(***While I'm noting things - yes, I know lots of people can't afford to even consider buying a house and we are fortunate.  Don't need to be reminded.  Don't pull the "not allowed to feel stressed if Someone Anywhere has a worse problem" card on me.  How would you like it if I responded to your sadface I gained weight blog with "Cheer up! At least you don't live in a country with an unstable regime and rampant tribal genocide!"  It doesn't cheer me up, it just makes me not like you.  Stress makes me blunt! Sorry!  Besides, partly we are lucky, but also we have worked out butts off to save money so that we can do this.)

It has been stressful.  It's a big decision and a lot of money; everyone knows this.  It's also a lot of WORK!

I've almost forgotten the stress of house hunting.  That was a whole ordeal.  The area we are moving to is ~30 min from where we live now, and we went ~2 nights a week and most Saturdays looking at houses.  Exhausting.  (Some people find this "fun".  I did not.)

But we found one!  I loved it immediately.  Husby took some time.  I think he had unrealistic expectations of what we can afford.  He drove me crazy going back and forth on whether to put in an offer.

But we did!  And it was accepted, no drawn out negotiations on price! Yay!

Then attorney review of the contract took forever.  It felt like forever.  It was almost 3 weeks, which I hear is normal.  But going into it they tell you 3 DAYS.  So.

Two big stresses at this point.  1) the home inspection and 2) whether there is an underground oil tank.

Oil tanks are a big deal in NJ.  Most homes used to have buried tanks for oil heat.  The problem is metal + buried in the wet ground = rust = leaks = environmental contamination.  Anymore they advise people not to buy a house with the tank still in the ground.  (You can, but you risk no one being willing to buy the place from you down the road.)   It can be simple to deal with; or, if it leaked in the past, it can cost over $350,000 and months to clean up. 

Normally the seller knows if there is a tank or they removed it or whatever.  For reasons I won't go into, our seller is exempt from disclosing this stuff, because basically they don't know.  So we have to do all the research & checking.  Which is fine, just stressful.

I was terrified we'd find a tank, the seller would refuse to have it taken out, and we'd have to walk away & start all over again.

So yesterday (Friday) we had an environmental company come out.  They carefully checked the entire property with a fancy metal detector (fascinating to watch!). 

NO TANK!!!!!! 

Huge relief!  This is the best news ever!

So why am I still freaking?

We scheduled the standard home inspection for the same day (structural stuff, electrical, termites, all that).  Tank check @2pm, inspection at 3pm.

There was awful traffic yesterday, so we waited til about 3:15. Then I called the inspector.

Me: "Just wanted to check if you were on your way."
Him: "On my way where?"


SO.  Yeah.  We did not have an inspection yesterday.  I'm partly kicking myself for not calling him earlier in the week to confirm.  But dang.  Your business involves making appointments with people.  Can't this just be his fault???

(Is it also partly the fault of all the people who were congratulating us on Thursday?  DONT CONGRATULATE ME YET. It's not a done deal yet!!!  JINX JINX JINX)

Obviously we rescheduled.  Problem?  You have to have the inspection within 10 days of when the lawyers finish lawyering.  We cant have it Saturday-Sunday-Monday (holiday weekend!).  Tuesday Wednesday the people who live there now are moving, so we're not allowed access to the house.  Thursday is the last day in that 10 day period; the inspector is not available.

(Yes I knew about the 10 day window. IT'S WHY I SCHEDULED THE INSPECTION WELL WITHIN IT.  = yesterday.  Grrrrrrrrr.)

We can all do it Friday, but we have to have both lawyers agree to extend the window from 10 days. 

Im not super optimistic about this just because I dont know if we'll even be able to get in touch with them on Tuesday, let alone get them to agree to something that fast.   (They are driving me bonkers.  It's like our lawyer only sends out new paperwork at 4:15pm on Thursdays, and the seller's lawyer isn't in the office on Fridays.  Every single revision "oh, I haven't heard back from him yet.")

So on Tuesday, when I am out of town for a big work thing and will be unreachable by cell phone from 7:30am - 1pm (Yes. Kill me.) I somehow have to get in touch with lawyers, or confirm that I can't get in touch with lawyers AND find another inspector who will do an inspection with ONE day notice during a short week during a busy season. 

This is why I am awake at 6am on a Saturday instead of blissfully sleeping in.  At least I won't be late for swim class...

I did just send the inspector an email explaining the situation.  I dont know why he's unavailable on Thursday, but basically I'm asking him if he can not be, if it comes to that.  Or if he is absolutely immovably unavailable, to let me know NOW.  Tried to say without quite saying, listen: you've pretty much screwed me here.  Help me out.

We'll see.

It also occurs to me husby can do the stress bomb phone calling on Tuesday.  I'll make him a checklist.  Heh.  (I am In Charge so far because I'm the more organized & anal-retentively detail oriented.)

I only stress ate up to the top of my range last night, didnt go over calories.  Sunday-Monday will be stress + at inlaws, the perfect combination of triggers & bad food availability (I once referred to their place as The House of Carbs).  Sigh.  I will try to be strong.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Oooooooo Stressfullnessss, Yuck!

    My hubbs and I have been endlessly savvvvvvving for 2 years and we should be ready to start looking at the end of this year. I'm excited but I will be psycho-Kate by the time we purchase - I just know it.

    GOODLUCK! I wish you all the best!
    1787 days ago
    Good luck. emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1788 days ago
    You didn't even private message me!? You rat! Yay for things looking up, I can have leo in a box ready to ship in about 10 seconds emoticon just kidding! I'm finally getting him to half behave!

    Don't stress. I made it through mom's surgery drama, you can make it through this. I thought the 10day thing was supposed to be 10 business days, not calendar days? Wouldn't that be awesome?!

    Big hugs! This will be great! Oh-how close is the POOL???
    1789 days ago
  • MINEA999
    Oh honey, I've been there! So I TOTALLY understand that stress. That was my life around this time last year. Hey at least you have your husband! I didn't have anyone to go over and over and over this stuff with - just me and my addled brain! But it all worked out in the end - sellers won't just walk away because of some scheduling issues. They do want to sell their home! Most people are reasonable and I'm sure it will come together. Maybe all at the last minute like sliding into home before the ball lands on you but it'll happen. Keep your chin up!!
    1792 days ago
    I didn't know/forgot you were in NJ!!! What portion? (north/south/central)

    I'm just outside of philly in Camden County =)
    1792 days ago
    Good luck! Hope you are a little less stressful now. Take care and keep sparking.
    1792 days ago
    good will work out...hang in there. hugsssssss

    1792 days ago
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