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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Well, I was actually SHOCKED that the scale was friendly today! emoticon I lost 2#'s and I'll TAKE it! Thank you, Jesus!

However, the victory I was going to tell you about had nothing to do with the scale. Thursday I traveled with a friend to pick up our bulk order at a Mennonite store. Afterwards we were going to have lunch at a Mexican restaurant but we were ten minutes early--they opened at 11:00. At 11:00, still no sign of activity. 15 minutes after they were supposed to open, someone finally came to the door and opened.

The owner was SO friendly and explained that his co-owner was supposed to open, and had been rushed to the hospital. All was fine, and we were absolutely fine with sitting in the parking lot because my friend was nursing her baby.

We ordered our lunch, and had a lovely time as the ONLY customers! ha! As we were finishing, out comes the owner with beautifully presented desserts 'on the house' because of our patience in the whole delayed opening. Wasn't that sweet!

Well, I'm TOTALLY in a dilemma! I DON'T want to hurt his feelings and I DON'T want to eat the dessert as it was DAY 26 of no sugar, and if I ate it then I wouldn't be breaking my record of 26 days! ha! I asked my friend if I could put a bite of mine on her plate so it looked like I ate some. emoticon

I was SO TICKLED pink that I didn't really want it and that I felt so much better NOT eating it! My poor friend actually felt sick after eating it--too rich.

Today is Day 28 of no refined sugar, pasta and rice, and VERY little white flour [I use the Montana Wheat Natural White for my pizza once a week].

I was thinking yesterday about a phrase I used to say all the time, "Well, I'm going to die of something, I might as well eat what I love in the process." But something has changed and I don't have that mindset now. I realized that the REASON I want to focus on getting healthier is to FEEL good WHILE I'm still alive! I probably have quite a few more years on this earth, and I don't want to spend them depressed, crippled with arthritis, depleted of the energy and sustaining vitamins and minerals, and just plain hurting all over. I really do want "VIBRANT HEALTH, TRANSFORMATION, AND WELL-BEING on all levels" and that is an exciting journey!

I never, ever, ever thought I'd be excited about these changes! God is the God of miracles!!! Let's keep SPARKING!

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