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Friday, 5/24 How do you all get time to do this?

Friday, May 24, 2013

Hi there,

I am so curious to know how my fellow friends and sparkers get time to do all they do here at SP. I try to log in each day and to track my nutrition and activity and to do my daily reading. I find that these two items help to keep me focused on my plan and I need that. However, I really do care about my spark teams and my spark friends and I cannot seem to find time to keep up with the blogs and goodies and spark mails and details on my teams. My friendships here are really important to me, but I have a lot of trouble fitting it all in, unless I have one of my sleepless nights like tonight is trying to be. Please, will someone share the best way to manage time so I can do everything here that I would like to do while taking care of the rest of my life as a mother and teacher, and as one who must take time to go to the pool each day?

Marissa won another scholarship on Thursday evening for conducting. We are both proud of her and happy for her in this wonderful week of accomplishments. It is nice to see how motivating her accomplishments are for our youngest child as well. I am guessing that he will have to quit being my "baby" and/or "child" now that he is going to be a sophomore and since he is now taking driver's ed behind the wheel for the summer. It is hard to believe that our youngest child is our only one left attending public school--and even more that he only has three years left. IT indicates a big change that is taking place in our lives these days.

My husband has submitted initial paperwork to retire, conditional on the retirement bonus that is available to "some employees." If he is approved, I think his last week of work is the first week of September. He has worked hard since he was a teenager and this is an idea that makes sense for him. He will be 67 in September and he has some things he would like to do. First on his list is training as an EMT, to work on a local ambulance service. I think he would be good at this work and that he would find it very satisfying, so I hope that all of the pieces fall together for him. I certainly know the length of my "Honey Do" list, lol. I am not considering to do the same at this point in time, but I sure respect the fact that he has worked for this long and is just now looking at this life's milestone.

As for me, there are seven more days of school left. Many things look to be changing for me in my role and my capacity at school next year. the door opened and I entered to be able to take part on our newly forming "Literacy design" teams. I am looking at a big change in my position for next year--but I am learning that this isn't the straightforward position that I thought it was, which saddens me.

Tonight, I have time to do a few things I need to do and I am going to start cleaning out--reorganizing my closet at school. It isn't big enough for the number of books and student activities that I have in there, but I can organize it far better to manage things. I haven't had a chance to get started on this with so many things going on--and I also haven't been able to do it at a time when I could get some other help. I can do both tonight after school and i can work for a couple of hours before I get to the pool. It will help me to actually be finished on June 4 as we are supposed to be. I don't want to have to go back on the few days I have before my surgery and work in my room.

That does bring me back to sparking, though. I have a lot to accomplish between now and June 10--some things include cleaning my closet at school, taking down my classroom, progress reports (this weekend on that), Title 1 paperwork (started, waiting on test scores), Marissa's graduation on Sunday, Marissa's graduation party on June 1, teaching children's church on Sunday, the choir picnic on Sunday, June 9, cleaning my house and getting food organized for my family after my surgery, my pre-op tests, and packing my suitcase. I think that will cover my very busy world at this time. It will keep things limited for me as far as sparking, but I will do my best. I realize that I have let a few people down, but I have to spend all of the time needed with my family during this very important time. Also, any teacher knows that after the beginning of the year and parent-teacher conferences the end of the year is a high-activity and high-stress part of the year. I can only do what I can do, so I am offering up an apology to everyone here. I am sorry for that, but I cannot (and would not) change my life right now.

Thanks for listening and thanks for any ideas that you may have that will help me to be a more efficient sparker as well!

Gentle hugs,
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I actually can't keep up and am behind all the time on sparkpeople. I have a system. There are certain people that I feel especially close to , like you, and I try to read all of your blogs but with people who blog every day or more than once a day and who really seem to collect friends without ever getting to know them - I don't worry if I hit and miss a blog of theirs. I like interesting blogs like yours. This may sound selfish but I do this for myself as well as for others and I get the most benefit out of friends like you.

    I think it is so neat that your husband is entering a new phase in his life. I worked a lot with ENTs when I was a mobile trauma nurse. It's a noble profession.

    Congratulations to Marissa!!

    I am glad my days with a child doing student driving are over. LOL.

    You have not let me down. I understand completely.

    You are always soooooooooo busy.
    1851 days ago
  • _LINDA
    Wow! Your husband worked hard all his life, wants to retire from his current job, only to take up such a demanding one as an EMT?? I have to admit, I have never seen seniors taking up this position, he must have energy to burn! Or one of those that just can't sit still (like my Mom who is putting in very long hours digging fresh soil into her garden to try save her perennials -the bad clay soil makes this a necessity every year, a huge pile of dirt lays in the driveway waiting to be dug in she goes until exhaustion every day :(()
    Your personal life must always come first. Family and work is what your life is. I gave up blogging as that took too much time (for me -and responding to questions and comments some people would ask), also cuts down on the e-mails -also shutting off all the award notifications of fitness minutes and trophies did it as well so all I get is Spark mails and the odd comment on my activity feed. I tried to shut off those Spark Points totals appearing on my feed, but they kept coming back in spite of that so I gave up with that one, very frustrating it keeps appearing. The less things you have appearing in your friend's feeds, the less e-mails to wade through. I find my comments on my activity feed daily are enough to let people know what I am up to. You have been a Spark member long enough having all your friend's 'like' your latest fitness minutes and trophies shouldn't be that big a thrill or motivation needed anymore. It really does cut down on time. My e-mail list is very short now.
    Good luck with it!
    Have a great long weekend!
    {{{gentle hugs}}}
    1851 days ago
  • ELMA1913
    I spend a 15-20 minutes every morning or find time throughout the day while waiting (usually for the bathroom, lol). I just find the time, some days it may not be until right before going to bed.
    1851 days ago
  • JGRAY76
    I Spark for 30 - 45 minutes each morning. It's the first thing I do while drinking my first bottle of water. Then I squeeze in 15 - 30 minutes of exercise. Then I grab some exercise 2 or 3 times a week during lunch hours because I work 50 hours or more each week. But I make myself quit early on Thursdays to sneak 2 hours of ladie's golf league. I keep my blogs short, just 1 or 2 paragraphs. It's a challenge to get it all in but I figure I am better off cutting my computer time to a manageable amount and getting in more fitness minutes. After 2 years I started tracking just the number of fruit and veggie servings and glasses of water instead of everything I put in my mouth to save time
    1851 days ago
    You have to pick and choose what is most important to you and leave the rest behind.
    I am on Sparks until I reach 50-60 points and then get away from the computer.
    Hope this helps!
    1851 days ago
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