Fooooooggggy Friday

Friday, May 24, 2013

So foggy at 6;45 am that Allie was spooked, everytime she heard a noise she would quickly turn and try to see what it was. Most times I saw nothing, odd time was a bird, her favorite distraction.
Last night was first night in while I had a very bad sleep and a lot of pain. My back was achy early eve, and i went to bed, slept a while and then started getting sore, but by 5 it was really bad. No idea what I did or didnt do, other than I forgot my inflamatrix supplement - wow if missing one dose does this then, that is amazing. I didn't do any exercise at dds, ended up going and doing part of hubbys birthday gift ( making him a sign for outside the trailer welome or home is where we park it and our names). I best get moving along as his birthday is 29th lol We have to go down again as he will finish dd sink and counter, I will take pic after it is a great looking sink. She is so pleased as she should after waiting just 2 wks less a year!!! LOL
Bil wants hubby to go downtown to the NS archive with him this am. Hubby was saying to me, downtown at 9 -10 am by hosp, parking and I knew he ddnt want to go cos of stress. I said tell him no it isnt good time for you. He won't he put it off and didnt' answer then said he was busy with lisa. I wish he would say why so they realize that this is still ongoing as I get the comments "he must be better" oh you cant' be serious if I say no he wont want to go here or there....... So if David calls I will say he is still in bed, and he wasn't keen on going downtown at that hr of the day. He is busy with lisa today too. But their mum wants info on her birth father and david leaves later today to fly to Ottawa. oh well whatever.
So today, tidy, go to dds, work on his gift which i am at a standstill... and then who knows depends on what goes on and how my back inproves. IT is going to imprve as the day goes on as I wont stand for anything less! LOL
HUGS and will be back to check on everyone later!
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