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white lies don't hurt you, or do they

Friday, May 24, 2013

Some folks look at me and see a certain swagger, which in Texas is called "walking." - George W. Bush

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morning everybody

quick acountability update for me. 13,500 steps, 29 stairs, calves, shoulders

ok. sorry to disappoint all the hundreds and thousands of my dedicated followers but i've got nothing for you today. though i hear my posts are getting rave reviews and i'm up for a bloggy or grammy, or oscar, or pulitzer. pretty cool huh. yeah ok, you got me. just telling a small white lie.

so what's the harm in a small white lie. i'm telling y'all, that fish was thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis big and i had to use a crane to get it in the boat. (it was really a bluegill but what's the harm). I mean it was so hot today my groceries exploded as i was taking them in the house (ok, i dropped an egg on south texas pavement and it started to fry). small lies, makes for a good story, who's it hurting.

why are most of us on this website. bueller. bueller. anybody. right. we all have weight issues. which have led to sleep issues, self esteem issues, anxiety issues, and other more serious physical and mental health issues. so what we need to do is stop lying to ourselves and accept that we are who we are because we did it to ourselves. if you look in the mirror and say i hate the way i look and you do nothing about it, then guess what. you're ok with how you look and just want to complain. not being mean, just telling it the way it is. i've been there my whole life. since age 10 i've been within 10 pounds of my ideal weight for maybe 3 years. i'm 44. do the math. i've been out of shape and overweight for 31 years. and i was secretly ok with it because i never did anything about it. people can have sympathy for those of us with weight problems, but if we don't lift a finger to help ourselves, then really why should they care, because we obviously don't.

so white lies. you tell them to yourselves all the time. well, i only ordered a small fry with my chicken nuggets (though you did eat half of your kids fries from her happy meal-i do that every friday with my daughter). i only had 1 glass of milk with breakfast. did you really. or did you add in just and extra couple of ounces. good, add 30 calories. i had a salad for lunch and it was delicious and healthy. ok, sir, answer the detectives questions please. did you put croutons on the salad. you did. you know they're called salad bombs because you just destroyed your healthy salad. oh and we have on camera that you put 2 servings of ranch dressing on instead of 1. put your hands behind your back because your going to food jail.

we need to be accountable folks. i got on the scale this morning. it said 208.8 (hate the point thing, i like round numbers). That's 80 lbs. haven't seen that side of 210 since the 1990's. i'm happy. am i thrilled. no. i've been faithful to weight watchers for about a year and a half. haven't strayed that often, though the closer i get to my goal of 189 (that's my 100 lb mark) the more i slip off the path i've been working so hard on. full disclosure, last weekend i had 5 medium oreo cookie blizzards (damn buy one get one free coupons). boo!!! i stumbled. we all stumble. but you gotta get back up, dust yourself off and get back on the horse that brung ya.

so i need to give up my white lies. i need to leave my daughters fries alone. i need to portion things out better. make better choices. we all do. we gotta get healthy. we gotta be happy with who and what we are. if you can't commit to what you need to do to live that long life with your wife or husband and watch your kids grow than realize that and be happy with what you are now.

so from now on, nobody gets to tell white lies. except for me. cause after all, i'm from Texas and we all know, white lies make the stories better. I ever tell you about the time I stopped a charging longhorn with a staple gun. I mean it's horns were THIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII

night folks

this blog brought to you courtesy of no sleep, a pot of coffee and 2 mountain dews. emoticon
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