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100 lbs GONE! A then and now perspective.

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Friday, May 24, 2013


100 lbs.

I woke up this morning and had to step on the scale 3 times to be certain! Then I called a friend and screamed in her ear that I had lost 100 lbs! We are running buddies and she already crossed the magic 100 lb weight-loss threshold. I weighed myself another 3 times while on the phone with her. By the way, the phone apparently weighed 2 ounces. haha

My progression? Keep in mind I am 5'8".

emoticon I started by just eating healthier. That is all I did. Counting calories, and servings of food. I bought a food scale a week later. And I weighed in once a week. 1 step at a time. I knew this was the part I needed to get under control.

Here is a picture of me before I lost weight:

When I can't get any angle of picture that makes me look slim, and I like the camera....
When I don't want my picture taken anymore...
When I cringe at the picture of my grandma and myself....
When I summoned up the inner strength to start....

I started losing weight in March 2011. I was in size 20's.

By July 2011: already down about 25 lbs

I remember I was soooooo proud of myself and what I had accomplished, taking back control instead of letting the food control me. I decided at this point it was time to add the gym in. I started with elliptical and weights, and about 2 weeks in I started with bootcamps. I had to modify EVERYTHING, and I couldn't even get through each set. I persevered.

By mid-August, 2011: Down about 40ish

by mid-October: Down about 50

I was so proud of how I was looking! I decided at this point I wanted to be able to outrun the zombies in case of a zombie apocalypse. I started running. By myself. I couldn't get about 100 meters around the track before I felt like my heart would explode. So I walked some. And the next time I went to the gym I tried again. And the next time. And the next time. And each time I tried to go another 50 meters. And every second time I ran (I left about a day in between) I maintained my distance.

By the end of November 2011: Down about 60

Here I could do 1 regular military-style push-up. I was so proud of myself!

the beginning of December: Down about 65

mid January 2012: Down about 75

I finally reached being able to run 1k! 10 minute intervals here I come!
Here at the end of January I hit 10 military push-ups.
Here I could hold a plank for 1 min.
The beginning of January I started to track my food using Sparkpeople.

End of Feb I could run 5k!

mid march 2012: Down about 90ish

This is my first 5k race. I'm in the pink (I had no green!)
I'm into Ricki's size 8's here.

mid April 2012:
I ran my first 10k!

mid May 2012: Sooooo close to 100 gone

If you look at this picture with a friend compared to the pictures now when I lost 100 lbs, the difference was just a couple pounds but the changes in my body are way more noticeable. No wonder people now are saying 'Wow! Look at you! You've really transformed yourself!' I was all: 'I just got back down to where I was last summer'. But really?! I look way slimmer now than in this picture. And I am. These jeans here are too baggy on me, and this tank top fits me much smoother now.

mid Aug 2012:
I ran my first half marathon!

My weight bounced up and down and crept up 33 lbs from there until the day before new years eve 2012, when I decided to take back control.

emoticon Every step of this journey has been full of decisions I've made- I decided to start eating healthy. I decided I wanted to run further every week. I decided I wanted to do more push-ups or hold the plank for longer. I decided to cut out most added sugars.

March 2013: about 85 lbs gone again
Right after a workout

May 22, 2013: 100 lbs gone!
Right before a run

I am normal-sized here! My BMI is coming down. I am 173 lbs here. The girl beside me in shorts weighs about the same as me.

Right after boxing

All sweated up and I love it!
I nailed 16 military push-ups at the end of boxing class today. We do 3 sets of a minute each, so I've got a ways to go yet!

I'm in Ricki's size 6's here.

My comparison 20's to new 8's. The bigger jeans overlap everywhere.

emoticon Every big gain of weight is attributed to unhealthy eating. I can't out-exercise a bad-diet. I also like exercising and the endorphins they create.
I've met new people and made new friends. The new people also lift me up, encourage me to be great, and hold me accountable. If I know lots of people it is tooo hard to blend into the background and disappear.

It's noticeable the difference in the way people interact with me now. I am acknowledged more now. They hold my gaze for longer, they look me in the eyes more. They smile more at me. They go out of their way to converse with me. Even if it is small talk! Guys pay way more attention to me now. They check me out more noticeably and more often. They hold my gaze and smile way more often. The door is held open for me more. I still think it's so very, very strange when the pretty fit chicks/handsome fit guys that are my age or younger strike up a conversation with me, and we laugh and chat. That? Would never have happened when I was 100 lbs heavier. I try not to dwell on it too much, but it can, has and does make me think.

I'm so proud of myself! This is a major barrier to pass, and I did it!

emoticon The secret? Hard work and dedication. All the little changes and passing up of the cake, and 30 minute gym workouts pay off. I fought tooth and nail for each of those pounds to come off.
If I can do it, so can you!

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