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Dinner with friends, part I

Friday, May 24, 2013

had facebook open towards the end of the day, saw someone post about watching Chicago play hockey tonight. That was interesting in and of itself, since Chicago was playing against my favored team, the Detroit Red Wings, but of more interest was the little notice of where the poster was posting from, namely, "near Mt. Prospect".

That was of interest because, well, I happen to have been staying in Mt Prospect the past two months. And also because it was a friend, someone I'd kind of failed to get in touch with even though he lived in the Chicago area. So I called him on the phone. And learned that, contrary to my thought that he lived in a southern suburb, it turns out that he lived within 5 minutes of where I'm staying. And he and his wife happened at that moment to be at the Buffalo wild wings on the edge of the mall in which my hotel is.

So I joined them. It was probably wise that I left my Detroit Red Wings hat in the car, since, after all, wearing enemy colors in a Chicago suburb while Chicago did battle with said enemy on ice would just be asking for getting a beer spilled over me.

Anywho, it was a nice chat. I hadn't ever really got a chance to get to know my friend's wife, so it was cool to get to chat with her a bit. And as I'll be here for a few more months, I'm guessing that I'll get more chances to do so, now that we know we're in proximity.

The part I in the title is a reference to the weekend in madison upcoming. Looking forward to just chilling with friends, catching a little of the college ultimate frisbee championships, and more chilling.

I managed to sneak down to the fitness room for a little bit on Tuesday night, mindlessly pedalling away at an exercise bike while reading, and taking advantage of the lack of any one else being in the room to turn the music up, without the headphones I'd forgotten at the office. It was, I must admit, a tad annoying to have to get to the point where the machine asks your age, and have to throw a 38 in there.

A song that's been running through my head today, for no apparent reason, "Yesterday, Today", by the Fixx. One of those earworms you don't mind, because it's a great song.

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