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Jack Has Crossed The Rainbow Bridge

Thursday, May 23, 2013

I am relieved he is no longer struggling and is happy, playing and jumping once again, but oh my heart hurts! I feel so empty and the house is way too quiet!

Jack had alot of visitors yesterday. Quite a few people came by to say fairwell. It was actually sad because Jack was always a true party animal! He loved company and thought everyone in the neighborhood was in the neighborhood to come visit him! He tried to greet everyone, but didn't have the strength. A few visitors did get some doggie kisses.

This morning was especially tough on him. He fell out of bed. He had to lay down to do his little business and he never did do his big business. He never panted or whined on the ride which is not him. Maybe he knew. He stumbled into the first door at the vets and then laid down and could not get back up. The one doctor and Anthony carried him to the table. The sweet thing still tried to raise up to give his girlfriends a kiss! He thumped his tail in greeting for the doctor and his one special girlfriend! BTW, we always told him we were taking him to see his girlfriends when we took him to the vet and he was always happy to go! I held his head in my arms and Anthony rubbed his belly. They helped him to sleep first and then they gave the real stuff. I really didn't even realize he had gone until my husband said that he was with Amy (my sister). I aasked "is he gone?" and the vet and Anthony both said yes. The vet cried, the girlfriends cried, and Anthony & I sobbed! I held him a long time. I held him until his ears, his soft velvety ears, started to cool.

I can't tell you what a special dog he has been. He was such a good boy. He was funny too. He had such an expressive face, which I'm sure you can tell in his pics on my page. He loved just about every human. And, when he didn't like a human we knew to take caution. If he didn't like you, then something was bad about you!

We will get a pawprint in plaster, a nose print, a lock of his hair and his sweet ashes in an urn with a nameplate. WE elected to put "Jack, Our Precious Baby Boy" on the nameplate. I'm going to get a locket to put a bit of his ashes and the hair in it. I have not left the house without some of his hair on me in 8 and a half years, so I need some.

This morning I wrapped myself around him and held him close and talked to him. I got some compulsive kisses from him too. One of his nicknames was "Compulsive Kisser" beb/c once he would start kissing he wouldn't stop! I'm glad I got those kisses.

When we came home I could barely come in the house. Even as his health deteriated he would come greet us. The house is just so quiet. I miss him.

On a side note, Dad took a shower last night and had a great experience. We really like the CNA that showered him! He was in slightly better mood as a result. He also got his hair cut and it looked real good. He cried with me about Jack.

Well, now I enter a new chapter of my life. One without my faithful friend. I don't like it so far! But, I suppose I'll adapt. Jack went so peacefully and the doctor assured me he was already running and playing and I swear at that moment I wanted to go with him! I need a little joy.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Sending love and prayers for you and hubby and lighting a candle for Jack.
    1819 days ago
    I am so sorry for you loss. Just reading your blog makes me cry, thinking about the furry family members I have lost. It's a pain that never truly goes away, but I know they all needed to go when they did. As painful as it was for you to lose Jack, you did the right thing. Sounds like Jack loved you as much as you loved him, and he will be waiting for you on the rainbow bridge.
    1821 days ago
    A beautiful blog. I lost my Abbie last week end and like you - I was amazed at how quickly she look so peaceful. It will take a while, but just know that Jack has no pain and is happy now.
    Sending loving prayers for Jack to you and your family. emoticon emoticon
    1822 days ago
    Melissa, we all thought of you and Jack yesterday. This was a beautiful blog about your faithful friend. We all know how much you loved Jack, and how much joy he brought to your life. You loved him enough to let him cross the "rainbow bridge", and he is free of all pain. He will always be in your heart, and he will be watching over you. He will always be close to your heart.

    God Bless you, and God will take care of Jack. emoticon
    1822 days ago
    I'm so sorry for your loss.
    1822 days ago
    I'm so VERY Sorry for your loss! I have been through it more times than I care to think about. It's so very hard, but you did the right thing for your Jack. In time you will heal and remember him happy and full of life. emoticon
    1822 days ago
    Bless you and your family for being so good to Jack. I hope you'll have joy back in your life soon!! emoticon
    1822 days ago
    Melissa I know it was extremely hard for you and Anthony, and I'm sorry you had to go through that. It sounded like Jack was ready and the vet was right... I'm sure he is back to running around and with your sister! I'm keeping you, Anthony and your dad in my prayers! Like your idea of jack's hair in a locket. Very nice!

    Glad your Dad had a better experience showering. Make sure you always ask for that guy to do it. Hope your dad continues on this upward journey.

    Sending you all TONS of hugs!!! God bless.
    1822 days ago
    Melissa -- Writing this through my tears...glad you shared the last moments with Jack and have a means of keeping special memories of him. We have two pet cemeteries in our area -- one is part of a regular funeral home and the people who work there are ever so kind. You are in our thoughts and prayers and we hope you can continue to write about your feelings. Glad to hear that your father is doing a bit better. A caring person can make all the difference. It was really great of Kal (?) to print out the poem about Rainbow Bridge for those that may not know the origin of the idea. Holding you close in my thoughts and wishing you some peace for a tough decision regarding your best-est friend. emoticon
    1822 days ago
    emoticon Your special boy is now with my beloved, Jozee. They are patiently waiting for us, full of health and vigor once again. Stay open to Jack's energy. I truly believe they come back and visit us. I can still feel my Jozee, at times.

    Our precious fur kids will always love us and try to communicate that with us even when they have physically left us. Death is just another dimension and they will cross back over.

    I completely understand your feelings. We have two other dogs, but the house still feels so empty without my Jozee. It's been 16 months since she left me and I still cry thinking of her absence.

    Hang in there and know that there are many of us keeping you in our prayers! You did the right thing and Jack knows how much you love him. It sounds like he was ready, but we never are. emoticon
    1822 days ago
    emoticon Jack is feeling better. Maybe after some time of healing you can share your love with another - Jack would like that.
    1822 days ago
    As much as I loved the life we had and all the times we played,

    I was so very tired and knew my time on earth would fade.
    I saw a wondrous image then of a place that's trouble-free

    Where all of us can meet again to spend eternity.

    I saw the most beautiful Rainbow, and on the other side

    Were meadows rich and beautiful - lush and green and wide

    And running through the meadows as far as the eye could see

    Were animals of every sort as healthy as could be

    My own tired, failing body was fresh and healed and new
And I wanted to go run with them, but I had something left to do.
    I needed to reach out to you, to tell you I'm alright

    That this place is truly wonderful, then a bright glow pierced the night

    Twas the glow of many candles, shining bright and strong and bold

    And I knew then that it held your love in it's brilliant shades of gold.
    For although we may not be together in the way we used to be

    We are still connected by a cord no one can see

    So whenever you need to find me, we're never far apart
If you look beyond the Rainbow and listen with your heart.

    So very sorry.... emoticon
    1822 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/24/2013 5:31:24 AM
  • BEEJAY49
    My heart hurts for you and Anthony. I KNOW you will both see Jack again, he will happily run to you and greet you at the Rainbow Bridge. I'm sure my sweet Benny Joe has already greeted Jack there and they are both playing together waiting on us. :) I want to hug you for real Melissa, but know that I'm with you because I know your pain. I know the sound of silence and the tears. God Bless and Hugs!
    1822 days ago
    I am so sorry for this devastating heartbreak.
    1822 days ago
  • -COURT-
    I couldn't read your whole blog as I knew I'd be balling. I'm sure Jack has met my Clancie and playing together. Heart goes out to you.
    1823 days ago
  • 2BEHEALTHY2014
    My heart is breaking for you. Know that Jack is in a better place and is making all kinds of new friends now.
    1823 days ago
    emoticon , Melissa. I love how you've decided to carry some of his hair in a locket to represent all the years you left the house with his hair on you.
    1823 days ago
    I am so sorry for your loss! I checked out your page and what a gorgeous furbaby it was, and it looks like he had an amazing life with you!! I hope he is in doggy heaven playing with my Sheldon and feeling like a young pup again emoticon !
    1823 days ago
    Awe honey...I do not know you, but I feel you pain. My heart is sadden for you! But now Jack is happy and pain free. He is having the time of his life playing with all the other furbabies that are at Rainbow Bridge. emoticon to you!
    1823 days ago
  • KATYDID412
    You're going through such a hard thing, as any animal lover knows. Sending hugs your way.

    1823 days ago
  • COOKIE_AT_51
    My emoticon is sad for you ... it is never easy to let a fur baby go. emoticon to you and I am glad that he is in a good pain free place emoticon

    1823 days ago
    I know this pain all too well. We have come to the conclusion that this is a forever pain. My thoughts are with you.
    1823 days ago

    My heart goes out to you and Anthony..words can't express .. they are not enough for the love you have for Jack. While knowing he is in a better place.. it will take time to ease.. I know you know all I am thinking of you my friend.

    1823 days ago
    Melissa, I am still praying for you and your entire family!

    1823 days ago
    I'm so grateful that you shared this with us. I know how special Jack is and how much you will miss him. There is a remarkable amount of love in your words. I love the hair in a locket. You will have him near you always.
    1823 days ago
  • HICIM705
    Melissa - this is so sad, but thank you for sharing your final moments with Jack ... with us. Take care of yourself - allow yourself to cry - then allow yourself to heal and be happy. That will take some time, I have no doubt - but it will happen, someday.

    It was nice to hear that your dad is doing a little better right now.
    1823 days ago
    Thank you for sharing that with us. I'm blubbering like a baby. I know how much you love Jack. I love the idea of the locket.

    Praying for comfort for your heart. emoticon

    1823 days ago
    Oh Melissa, my heart breaks for you. You did the best thing for Jack, but it still hurts and just plain sucks. You are in my prayers.

    1823 days ago
    So sorry. It's never easy to let our furry friends go.

    1823 days ago
    I am so very sorry. It's so hard losing a pet. It's as though you lost a child and it's unbearable.
    God bless Jack!
    1823 days ago
    Melissa, I know that Jack is running, playing and giving kisses to your sister, mom and brother.

    I am glad that your dad had good CNA working with him and that he feels better.

    As always, sending big hugs your way!!!
    1823 days ago
    I know first hand the hurt and the pain in losing a furry friend. Big hugs to you and your family. emoticon
    1823 days ago
    Oh Melissa, I know how hard this is. Sending prayers.
    1823 days ago
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