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Happy Thursday INDEED!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

So today has been a really good day. Meowshine had his all day vet visit again today to check how his levels are, see if the dose of insulin is good for him. When I dropped him off they were gonna weigh him and I asked if they could let me know how much he weighs because my boy is a little chunk now. I make Andrew pick him up too to see how heavy he has gotten :) She said he is 9.5 pounds. He was a little under 5 lbs when this all started two months ago. It was really great to hear. Then I got a call right before lunch saying his first reading was actually normal (it hasn’t been since we started this so that was really good) and then the second one dipped so that means that we are giving him too much insulin and his body is starting to regulate itself. So I picked him up and we are downing his dose and checking back in in a month. Can I tell you how big of relief this is for me? How worried I have been for him? How grateful I am that he is going to be ok? She said that he seemed to be feeling better to which I said he really is and then she said how good he is doing gaining weight. She is just the best.

Second good news of the day…we found an apartment and sign the lease tonight! I didn’t realize how difficult it would be to find an apartment that allowed a dog and a cat in Ames that would work for us but thankfully we finally did. It’s big and I think will allow plenty of room for everyone. I’m so excited!

And I woke up and worked out :) I have had issues with my tweaky knee all week so that caused some issues with cardio but I’m gonna give it a whirl this weekend (running and tae bo hopefully) so wish me luck. I'm hoping by doing nothing but walking will have rested it enough to make it be able to endure a bit more. And I had two more jewelry sales to mail out today so that makes me really happy.
Here is one of them...

So all in all it has been a really good day and I hope your day has been really good too. I get to grill some steaks tonight for dinner so I have a feeling it will turn into an even better day!
Here is a cute pic of my boo boo :)
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