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My weight loss: A lifestyle change.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

I decided to write a blog about my weight loss journey and how it's been going so far.

Obviously by the fact that this is quite a large blog, my weight loss journey so far is successful. This is my third attempt at losing weight, and by changing my lifestyle rather than trying some diet, I've finally managed to turn my life around. During these last few months I've felt better and healthier than I've felt at any other time during the last eight years.

Before I talk about my lifestyle change, let's see what my lifestyle used to be like.

As a construction worker I start work early in the day, which promotes a good breakfast-lunch-dinner habit. But on every day off and the weekends, I'd sleep in. And by doing that I would skip breakfast. The lack of energy that I'd get from skipping breakfast would mean that a large energy drink had to keep me going on those days. In fact that large energy drink eventually became a normal thing to have every single day of the week. Nutrition-wise my dinners weren't that great, I'd have at least three junk food meals a week and the other four weren't exactly packed with vegetables either. On top of that I'd snack on high calorie snacks almost every evening. Water came in the form of the previously mentioned energy drinks, and fizzy sodas. And if you need those energy drinks to just keep yourself awake during the day, you can forget about exercise.

When I reached a BMI of 31½ (obese) I decided that enough was enough.

I knew that dieting wasn't my thing, I had tried dieting twice before and whenever I would lose 5 pounds, I would stop dieting and put 10 pounds back on. The problem with dieting is that I'd finish the diet and then go straight back to my unhealthy lifestyle. So instead of just changing my nutrition for a few weeks before giving up on it, I decided to change my whole lifestyle to something that I knew I would be able to keep up. Right now I'm just over three months into this lifestyle change and I can safely say that it no longer feels like I have to push myself, I've truly changed my lifestyle into something much healthier. Here's what I changed:

- Breakfast!
Even though I still sleep in during the weekends (no need to get out of bed at 6AM on a saturday, right?) I make sure to get out of bed early enough so I can actually have breakfast, having the right breakfast-lunch-dinner schedule every single day of the week is helping my body stay in a normal rhythm. Even during my 'lazy days' I no longer have an issue with my energy levels crashing completely.

- Water, water, water!
I got rid of the energy drinks and fizzy sodas and I am now drinking plenty of water. Of course it's common knowledge that water is a zero calorie drink, but it also keeps me feeling full enough so I won't feel any need to snack. It took me a while to find the right water. As tap water has a completely bland taste to it, I knew I had to look for bottled water. But the mineral composition of some bottled waters actually gave me a sore throat when I'd drink a lot of it, but after spending some time trying different mineral waters I found one that works very well for me.

- No more snacking.
I've cut my mindless snacking down to zero. I may snack on some fruit when I feel like I need to eat something in the evening, or I'll just take a few big gulps of water which will do the trick as well.

- Cut the junk food.
I've cut the junk food days down to one a week for most of the weeks so far, it really doesn't hurt to have junk food on occasion, but three times a week was obviously way too much. Beside cutting those obvious bad foods, my other meals actually contain servings of vegetables now.

- Exercise!
I've cut so many calories in my eating habits that I'm slowly losing weight at this point, but I'm currently doing a little bit of cardio (20-25 minutes, three times a week) to speed up my weight loss progress.

Looking back at these changes, I realize that I really haven't had to do anything too difficult, but these simple changes have made a huge impact. By sticking to these five "rules" I've lost 31 pounds so far, at a steady average of two pounds a week.

This means that I currently have a BMI of 26 (overweight) and I'm closing in on a healthy weight.

Here's two pictures:
The first was taken in the summer of 2012 at roughly 207 pounds,
And the second picture was taken in June 2013, at 175 pounds.

I hope that this blog has been an interesting read, it certainly took me some time to write.
Hopefully this will help some of you who are in a similar position.

Don't give up, stay dedicated, and results will follow! ;)
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Stay on the journey. Keep us posted. I like what I read. Is there room on your 'road' for another?
    1823 days ago
    What a great journey this has been for you and your right it is not a diet it is a lifestyle. Great job giving up the not so good for you drinks and foods.
    Best wishes on your lifestyle journey.
    1826 days ago
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