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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Today, I weighed in at 182. This is officially my LOWEST ADULT WEIGHT!! WOOOHOOO!!!! So what if it took over a decade to get here? The fact is I am HERE and I am here to STAY.

Anyway, losing weight has made me realize that I love my body. And to show appreciation, I want to talk about the parts of my body I love and why.

My face - I used to hate the double-chin I had and the fat cheeks. Now, my face is slimmer and smoother, leaner. My smile is more pronounced, and I love how nice I look.

My neck - I didn't realize until I started to lose weight how "flabby" my neck was! Now, I feel like a beautiful swan with an elegant, graceful neck!

My arms - I still have a long way to go on the arms, but they are nowhere near as flabby as they were. I feel stronger and more capable of living my life now that I did before.

My hands and fingers - OMG, where did these fingers come from? When did my hands look so pretty and slender?! The college ring I bought 5 years ago is loose on my ring finger - how awesome is that?!

My stomach - Another area to work on, my stomach no longer sticks out, nearly toughing the steering wheel in the car. I'm getting rid of the rolls of fat that create my muffin top (YAY!) and generally, I like the definition I am getting around my waist (I have a waist!!).

My thighs - This is one of those areas I'm really astonished about. I knew I had thick "thunder thighs" - I was starting to get a crease over my left knee from my fat! But my thighs look so skinny in jeans! And yet, I can run, walk, climb stairs without huffing and puffing.

My calves - I really haven't noticed much change in my calves, but there has been some slimming, less fat. I can wear knee-high socks without stretching them out!

I love my body and what it is becoming. I am becoming a healthier, happier individual. So what if I am not super-model thin with amazing abs and great legs? That's not what I want - I want to love my body for what it is and revel in that. And that is A-OK with me!!
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