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Pictures: Where I am today

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Okay, time to bite the bullet, and take and show my before pictures. I'm a little mushier than I was last year, although I've only gained an inch in a couple of places.

Why do I take pictures like this?

Because I've found that we simply don't have a realistic view of our own bodies and their progress. We see them every day, and the huge changes we make over months are masked by our adjusting perception of the incremental changes we see each day.

Way back, I was getting really down about my progress. I felt like even though I'd lost some weight, I wasn't showing any real change. I looked down, and still saw the same fat gut I'd had before. So I took some pictures. You can see those progress pictures in my gallery now, and I don't think I have to tell you how much of a difference there really was!

So as I start on my renewed journey, I've retaken all my measurements, and I'm taking new progress pictures. Now, before you giggle at my pants in these, these are my size 14 pants that are now so big on me if I'm not wearing a belt, I have to roll the waist to make them stay on. I can actually pull them off without unbuttoning them. I'd have worn something more flattering, but it's time for laundry, and everything else is dirty. ;)

So, without further ado, and without more procrastinatory jibber-jabber, here they are (I'll also put these in my gallery.)

Profile gut shot

Front view

So let's see where I am in a couple of months. :)

And just for spits and giggles, here's where I was when I first started at Sparkpeople (this was at 208; two down from my all-time high of 211.)

This is a never-before-seen photo. I've been too embarrassed to show it. Now I'm proud, because this is something I will never be again.

And of course, my original front-facing shot.

So no matter how disappointed I am in my lack of progress, and my slight backslide... you can see from these photos just how much change I've made in my body. See why I take these photos? Even if you're embarrassed by them now, you won't be later. I promise.
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