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What has Changed?

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Other than the way I am eating for the last 32 days, what has changed in my life?

Well it sort of did begin 32 days ago when I decided I would try Paleo conservative for 1 day.
Frankly I did not think I could get thru 1 day eating the Paleo way. How could I possibly give up coffee (not being able to have cream in it?). How could I really put down the bread? And how could I give up even fake sugar and cheese, albeit ALL dairy? So no I did not think I could make it thru 1 little day.
For some reason I was able to get thru it. I did ask for help, from friends, family and others who care about me. You know emotional support. I called an older mentor and just checked in, I talked about it alot in fact.
I ate just those veggies, fruits and meats, a little nuts and olive oil too. It helped that I could have Newman's Olive oil and vinegar dressing, as salads were to become my new go to meal.

I created a drink, 1 strawberry blended with bottled water was a refreshing treat instead of a diet soda. Right away I started writing down my recipes and calling them Paleo Power, to give me a jolt of what's good for you.

So other than eating much much healthier what else has changed?

I feel ALOT better. I do not feel tired and light headed alot anymore, I do not feel puffy all the time.
I believe the inflammation in my joints has improved. I am still taking tylenol arthritis but not that 3rd dose a day.

I am getting smaller, also since I started swimming again this is helping alot.

The biggest change is not having to inject insulin 4 times a day anymore. My blood sugar has normalized. Just now it was 98. I was rarely 98 when I was injecting so this is a huge change.
And I am down to 1/4 to 1/2 of my oral meds too! Is the diabetes gone? Can't say that yet, but I know I am on the way clinically.

I am just hoping that this will actually help me lose weight. The healthy feeling I am having is just wonderful and I am very grateful for this way of eating. I do not get on the scale willingly but I know what my starting point is, I plan to weigh in 11 months.

So I am grateful for the improved health and well being, for feeling better and for the hope this is giving me too.

What would I give up? Just alot of food that I have been able to do without for over a month now, 32 days, and I would not take back that food, cause then I would lose these very important health benefits and sense of wellness I am achieving. Now it does feel possible to improve my health even more. Yes, I am very grateful. I depend on a system of support and caring that helps tremendously too. One day at a Time.


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