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Yup. It's Definitely Time for an Attitude Change!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

I read an article tonight about tough love. The article pointed out that though it took a pro to use tough love on another person, amatuers can use tough love on themselves. Then I read someone's blog entry, where she said she made an attitude change in response to some events that were coming up in her daughter's life. It was refreshing that she made the needed change ahead of time, and it really drummed home to me that something like that is not only necessary in me, but imminent.

I have been slowly putting on the weight since I dropped the Atkins plan now months ago. And to top it off, this week I had some bad health news complete with an upcoming procedure, and I really feel like knowing this I lost control of my eating. Dare I just say that I have had multitudinous carbs and fat this week. Eating till I'm full, as if stuffing myself would make the pain of my circumstance go away. Well, not only hasn't it worked, but a glance in the mirror tonight as I was putting on a shirt really brought home my dilemma. The attitude towards food is changing now. In fact, it changed about three hours ago.

I've made the decision to return to a higher protein and lower carb style of eating, but without most of the fat that was so present when I was eating Atkins style. Lean protein in fish and fowl, fruits and vegetables, some whole grains, nut and seeds in limited amounts, some low fat and nonfat dairy, and limited alcohol, which has also been on the increase lately. This is actually very close to what is recommended in the Mediterranean style of eating. I may spend some more time tracking my food on Spark, but keeping the carbs quite a bit lower than their recommended guidelines. I also pretty successfully initated a 10 minute per day walking program last week, and I plan to keep that going. Wish me well fellow Sparksters. I feel like it's about time for this. Thanks, Glenn
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    I'm proud of you! For recognizing the changes you need to make for YOU and for staying positive about it! You'll do this. You don't need luck, you have everything you need. A positive attitude and the desire to succeed!

    1856 days ago
    I was diagnosed with Diabetes 2 in March, that was enough for me to get serious about my future, and I will say that is not in my future. I am throwing it in the dungeon and there it will stay. Good luck with your endeavors. Right now I am researching the paleo plan team. I am getting more and more interested in it. MJ emoticon
    1858 days ago
    Sorry you got negative news, but glad that it's spurring you to action. Sounds like a good plan!
    1858 days ago

    One idea, if you can afford it or if your health insurance will pay for it, is to meet up with a registered dietician. This was a requirement for me as part of my WLS, but I gained so much info from the dietician I met with, and still use many of the ideas and principles she taught me.
    1858 days ago
    Do well. Don't get discouraged. If you must put something in your mouth, baby carrots are great or a couple cups of cooked broccoli or fresh spinach with balsamic vinaigrette and a couple of crushed crackers and little grape tomatoes....Always keep a bowl of stuff like that that's ready in the fridge..be prepped for the munchies, the right munchies....High protein is good, but beware of ketonosis (really rank breath is an indicator) and long term possible probs with kidneys....That's why they didn't recommend Stillman's fourteen day shape up program, although it has excellent 15 minute mini workouts....I love what they do here about fats. I had to make some modifications to their requirements that fit more what I knew I had to have, yet try to stay within their guidelines, and trying to have it go quicker. A little bit of research as far as what the AMA recommends for my age and gender for the nutrition guidelines and up the protein as my workouts are more intense than what's expected in their guidelines. Personally, I added iron, sodium, fiber, and separated out my fats from my saturated fats. I have to keep my iron up, sodium down-too much sodium slows down my metabolism, yet I need some to help keep the system 'clean', fiber up, and I try to keep my saturated fats at between 0-8 a day.

    Sorry about your new health concern. Hope it's not anything superserious.
    Just find some reasonable thing that you know works. Food is never the answer as an emotional response....nor is alcohol. Don't go there. I've lost too many people that I know to that demon. I'm not a teetotaller, but the effects of alcoholism can turn the nicest people awful. You miss them years before they really go. Take care of yourself, and know that we sincerely care. Or, I wouldn't still be on here.

    As far as a reminder to self, by huddling, and posting, and goals, Just Do It is a pretty good team, just like Determination and Accountability..however, too many teams and not keeping up with them can get to be a monotonous downer too....having to learn to budget all the way around, not just one or two aspects...(not that any of us have any obsessive compulsive tendencies on here LOL)
    1858 days ago

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    Sounds like you have had an attitude change, for the better. I know on the GI diet I feel so good when I follow it well. Lots of fruit and veg, lean protein and lower carbs and then all whole wheat. I drink gallons of water at least 4 litres a day. My big thing to work on is my diet coke. I drink 3 a day and that is too much. Keep working on a diet plan that works for you. Try different things and then tweak the plan to suit yourself. You can do this. I know you have it in you to get on program and start seeing some good results. Great news on the walking. I am really trying to do that too. Have a great day,

    1858 days ago
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