Fruit, Carbs, PCOS and explaining choices to others

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Okay, so I try to keep this blog pretty positive and factual, but I have a little rant to let loose.

Why is it that other people always assume to know more about your eating choices than you do? From family to friends to co-workers, etc. I feel like I am constantly justifying my choices.

For example, I try not to eat refined carbs, or sugar in any form, artificial sweeteners, excess salt, excess grains, and excess fruit. This is because PCOS makes me extremely sensitive to carbohydrates. Yes, as part of a healthy diet, MOST people can eat fruit at each meal every day. I cannot. Every bite of fruit for me needs to be balanced by protein. I do eat berries, stone fruits and apples in moderation as they tend to be lower on the Glycemic Index.

Anyhow, whenever there is a get-together involving food (and they all do, don't they??) and I don't partake in the cream cheese stuffed strawberries or chocolate cake, I get a lot of push-back. Oh, you can have a little . . . No. No I CANNOT have a little chocolate cake. An alcoholic cannot have a little beer, either. I know my body and carbs, espescially processed carbs make me go haywire. I crash, I can't think, and I wind up hungry all day long. And the cycle repeats.

That and it isn't an easy conversation to have with people. Oh, you see my ovaries are covered in cysts . . . not exactly party conversation.

It isn't just acquaintences, either. Even Jacque has a hard time understanding why I don't eat bananas or why I can't drink fruit juice. I feel like at every turn I am fending people off or having uncomfortable conversations about why and what I eat.

I know that I have done the research, and I am making the best of choices for myself. I also know that it says way more about the "pushers" and "advice" givers than it does about me. I know that it is a struggle daily to make the choices I do.

That being said - it is downright annoying sometimes.

Thanks for indulging me. Sometimes I need to blow off some steam, and I know you Sparkers just "get" it. Ya know??
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  • MINEA999
    Everything LOLATURTLE said - x2.

    People can be amazingly annoying, judgemental, pushy, know-it-all etc. etc. You do what is best for you. Afterall, you are the only you there is and you know you better than anyone! emoticon
    1852 days ago
    I feel you! It is really annoying. I think it comes from the overall "diet" mindset of our culture, where dieting = deprivation and anyone who is watching what they eat or eating healthy is secretly miserable and wishing for certain foods.

    It could be they think they are "helping" by giving you permission to eat "just a little" of the "forbidden" food. Or they want credit for being the person who makes/brings the tastiest food, so they want your approval and praise for how tasty it is when you eat it.

    It doesn't really matter what their problem is, though. The thing is? Well adjusted adults in polite society know how to take no for an answer.

    What I have started doing in these situations is, refuse to explain. I don't give an answer or a reason, because I DON'T NEED ONE. I'm a grownup. I will eat, or not eat, whatever I CHOOSE.

    "Have some cake."
    "No thank you."
    "Oh, just have a bite."
    "No thanks, I'm good."
    "One bite won't kill you!"
    "I know. No thank you."

    They can't discredit, disbelieve, or argue with your reasons if you don't give any. I can't promise they'll stop asking immediately, or stop offering food you don't eat, but you don't have to justify yourself to anyone. Say no and move on. If they keep bringing it up it will make it painfully obvious to everyone in the area that they're the one with the problem.
    1852 days ago
    You know, I bet if you ate this... KIDDING!!!!

    I'm not really sure why people do that. I haven't really been able to grasp it. My mom did something similar to me a few weeks ago, telling me I don't really still have x pounds left to lose. I'm not sure why she thinks she knows, she doesn't even know what I weigh!!!

    I actually cut most sugars and such out as well. I have had them (and will again, I know) and I can have fruit for snacks and with meals, but I really understand. I remember wanting to make this sugary snack thing for my daughter's birthday party (I am making it, it is this weekend) and I told my husband that I was making it for the party because then I could have a bite, and just stop, and then everyone else would eat it up and I would be done and I would throw any leftovers away when the party was over. He told me that he was sure that I could have more. I told him that I could, probably, but I didn't have his resistance to sugar. It would make me want to eat EVERYTHING. So, one small portion, I know I will control myself.

    I guess my thought is this (sorry to digress with the random above paragraph), our bodies will tell us what we need (or don't need, as the case may be) but ONLY if we learn to listen and treat it right. Before I started eating right, my body may have told me I needed ice cream with every meal, or chocolate. It would have been WRONG, but because of what I was feeding it, that is what it thought. Now that I am almost to 3 months of healthy living, my body tells me what it needs now. The REAL stuff. Oh, it needs more veggies, I would like to eat something healthy! So if your body tells you that refined sugars and such are not for you and you don't want them, you are making the RIGHT choice. That is all that matters!

    It is super annoying though.
    1853 days ago
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