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just because it's not recorded it doesn't mean its wasted

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

morning everybody. i'm still struggling with an intro here. maybe a sparkdate like in star trek. gotta release the inner geek every now and then

Steve's log, sparkdate 52213.

So the theme is just because it's not recorded doesn't mean its wasted. this sort of covers all ground. I went for my run/walk this morning and did 3000 steps. awesome. great. hooray for me. but i found out i left my fitbit (sorta like a hi-tech pedometer) at home. boo!!! stupid me. so instead of having almost 6.000 of my 10,000 steps in at 10 in the morning i'm sitting at 3,000. plus the 6 flights of stairs i did. not recorded. but does it mean the effort was wasted. nope. still feeling good about the morning. and yes I still need to do my squats and planks.

So the question is, does everything good that you do have to be recorded or recognized to make it meaningful. I'm a Texan. born and raised, proud of it. Haven't really lived there since 79. Still tell people all about Texas. part of that is the way I was raised. Please, yes sir, no sir, yes ma'am, no ma'am. I'm all about manners. I still open doors for people, someone asks me a question or stops to talk I'll give them my time and no be impatient. but do i do this so they'll say thank you, or compliment me. nope. nice when they but don't get upset when they don't. I do it cause it's the right thing to do. and i know that my efforts are not wasted even if they aren't recognized. let's face it, in today's day and age manners are dying out as people become more focused on themselves and their electronic devices.

as long as you know what you're doing is right, you need no recognition. Does a parent need a thank you for cleaning up their kids scraped knee. Do you need a thanks from your boss for doing the daily report correctly. feel good about it. Know you did what was right, or that you did your best. my fitbit is 3000 steps shy. am I bummed. Yep. Does it ruin my day. nope. still feeling good though cause i know my efforts weren't wasted. besides, now I'm gonna have to go do another 3000 steps. no harm in that, only burnt calories and pounds lost.

it's all water over the bridge or under the dam now (or wherever water goes). just gotta remember to double check next time i'm headed out.

y'all have a good day. thanks for letting me ramble. Mr. Scott, 1 to beam up
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    i LOVE your sparkdate! I'm a closet trekkie. :) Very clever.

    You already know that I forget my fitbit from time to time. I did today, even... did a bit of yardwork without it. :/ Ugh... it's frustrating, but definitely still counts even if fitbit didn't get it. :)

    Excellent blog and points.
    2154 days ago
    You made me laugh!
    2157 days ago
  • PEG2584
    Loved this post. Loved the reference to Star Trek, I have a lot of inner geek in me too.

    I agree with that even when we can't record or be recognized for something, it counts. Whether it is doing some exercise that you forget to record on SP or the common courtesies. What we know we do is more important than someone/something else patting us on the back for doing it.

    And we won't even talk about the lack of table manners........(my grandmother was English)
    2158 days ago
    Love your references and inner geek!

    2158 days ago
    This post made me smile. Every courtesy, every step, every workout, every time you stay in your caloric range or make a better choice than a less healthy one - none of it is wasted whether it is recorded or not, whether it is returned or not. Great post!
    2158 days ago
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