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I think my Co-Workers have ganged up to try and Break Me!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Chocolate Carmel Brownies today!!!

When she walked in with them I was like Seriously Sara- Tomorrow!! So I will save a small one for me to have tomorrow :)

In the BEST news EVER!! (Ps love Best week ever on VH1- glad its back)

I have offically lost 5lbs on this cleanse! 127.4

I saw that on the scale this morning and about died! Then I took a really good look at my body and my stomach is getting soo flat and I feel more toned than flabby... I will have to take an updated pic tonight.

Before I wanted to keep going like this NOW I have too I am only 3lbs away from my goal weight and honestly I want to feel confident in a biniki this summer and for sure in November on the Honeymoon.

Things I am suprised I dont miss-
Chips ( I guess I wasnt a huge fan before)
White Bread (whole grain/whole wheat is just as good)
POP (this was always a treat I would give myself but lately it was happening more than just once a week)
and Chocolate ( I do have cravings for it and yes I definately want that brownie, but I used to think I needed it to live)

I haven't had a good workout yet this week. I think I need to start working out in the AM. I feel so stressed at night running around working on wedding projects getting the house picked up errands etc. Last night I got home at 715 made dinner ate and then went out and did more errands until 9.

I think I need to give myself a break from making working out #1 unless I get my butt outta bed in the AM which I am seriously going to consider starting TOMORROW. But If I can keep eating good, walking at lunch and keeping busy I think I can at least maintain my weight. Who knows I change my Mind everyday anymore!!

Thats all for Wednesday Folks :) Happy Hump Day

Do they Humpty Hump!
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