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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Well, if you haven’t noticed – I updated my weight. I saw that number twice several days apart, and this morning was even lower, so I’m sticking with the first slightly higher number just in case. I really haven’t applied any logic to that whatsoever, it’s just what I’m comfortable reporting.

I ended up doing six miles yesterday – three at lunch and three after work. It was HOT. Baltimore has heat, but we also have insane levels of humidity and it was strangling me yesterday. They were not easy six miles. The heat REALLY slows me down. I am not a person who handles temperature extremes very well, they tend to make me feel sick? But I pushed through it anyways and I’m proud. BF and I even thought about going out to dinner and ate at home instead – after I took a cold, refreshing shower! Anyone else find that a post-sweaty shower can be one of the most amazing things ever?! I also drank probably closer to 15-16 cups of water yesterday. That’s also how you know its H-O-T.

I'm hoping if I can keep building and adding up the fitness minutes and miles, the scale will go down!

I am a bit concerned about my ankles. I JUST told my doctor two weeks ago how they haven’t been bothering me, and so far this week they have done nothing BUT bother me. It is hard to describe – kind of a burning, really painful, almost seizing up kind of pain? It isn’t the “push through it and it will go away” kind. It is the “You better stop where you are for a second or end up in tears” kind of pain? And that is saying something – because I get migraines and such, so I usually tolerate pain pretty well. What would make tendonitis/ankle issues flare up all of the sudden? Could it be time for me to replace my Brooks shoes?

SO I’m taking today off from working out. I have a ton of meetings and it’s in the nineties here with 100% humidity (They are saying it will storm all day tomorrow – PLEASE DO). I am going to try to give my ankles a break. I have roast chicken and lettuce wraps for lunch and I ate a good breakfast. I had a coupon for a free iced coffee from DD, and I am about halfway through it and can’t finish it. It always worries me, not making my coffee for myself, because you can’t be sure what they put into it. I don’t want it to add a ton of calories or sugar to my day. I am going to be allowing myself one beer tonight at my first new job happy hour, and I’ll probably make it a light one. Tomorrow & Friday are back to the gym! I have a new recipe picked out for tomorrow night too – a gluten free Mexican chicken type thing? It looks good and I hope it tastes good too!

That reminds me – I surprisingly do not miss bread. I have been lettuce wrapping my sandwiches or eating PB2 or hummus on rice cakes. I don’t feel like I’m lacking anything. Last weekend when BF and I had hotdogs, I found myself picking apart the bread because it felt like too much. I used to hit 3pm slumps HARD at work, and not eating bread at lunch seems to help? I’m not cutting gluten 100% but I’m amazed at how much my body/brain is kind of like “Yup, good with that!” Rice cakes and lettuce wraps it is! Who am I?!?!?!

Anyways, I’m feeling pretty good today. Positivity things:
- Three day weekend coming up!
- I am already the only person in my aisle at work for the rest of the week, so I can do squats and calf raises in my office cube!
- I found two pairs of jeans for $7 each at Kohls. One can easily be rolled into cute Capri length for summer, so it is sort of like three pairs of pants for $14. BAM.
- I’m wearing my blue & teal Lilly dress today that makes me feel happy. Love & live colorfully!
- Aw heck, the scale went down. Took forever and it wasn’t much, but it was something! Isn’t that something to be happy about?!
- Today I am CHOOSING to be a happy, kind, giving, friendly, positive person. WOO HOO!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    You are doing great! Seems like you are back on track for good!
    Well done!!!!

    emoticon emoticon
    1828 days ago
    I'm glad the scale went down!!! I don't handle hot temps well either. It's also very humid here in the summer, and I normally do any outdoor exercise early in the morning, otherwise I can't take it later on. If your ankle are bothering you, you may need new shoes, or different shoes. If you go to a running store I bet someone can help you. Also google some different stretches. If I forget to warm up my ankles or stretch them, they get a little stiff and sore. It used to be much worse when I was around 300 pounds though. They hurt all the time.
    1828 days ago
  • KELLY19770
    Sounds like you are in a really good place. And I hope your ankles feel better soon, maybe new shoes? Shoe shopping, yay!
    1829 days ago
    I live in Southern Illinois so I totally hear you about humidity! We've been having similar weather. 100% humidity is no fun.

    I've been cutting back on carbs this week and man I can tell a difference! I have been getting dull headaches, but I eat some fruit and all is well!

    Stay focused and positive! You've got this!
    1829 days ago
    Heat is supposed to slow you down (a lot, even) because your body is working extra hard to prevent overheating. Lately it has been around 80 deg F in Ann Arbor, and this has slowed my runs down by 1-2 minutes per mile! It makes a huge difference (and it's important to remember that your body does this automatically so that you aren't discouraged by your workout times).
    1829 days ago
    Way to go! So awesome! Thanks for this motivational blog! emoticon
    1829 days ago
  • SUMMER2203
    this post is SO inspiring!!!! first of all, you are making me want to work out super hard in this extreme heat so that i can reward myself with a cold shower haha. second of all, you seem so happy and positive, and i love it!
    1829 days ago
    Great job dropping those pounds and doing all those miles! I hope your ankles feel better soon. Maybe you need new shoes?
    1829 days ago
    Great job on the miles yesterday. It was so flipping humid here yesterday that I think, even if it had been cooler, temp wise, the sweat would still have been rolling. I can't imagine having done that much outdoors. Way to go!

    I'm curious about your ankles and hope you can figure out what's wrong. People say stuff like that is usually a shoe thing but what do I know? I'm definitely not an expert! Is your shoe model a motion stabilizing shoe? I wear the Brooks Ariel because I pronate badly and I would be in severe pain without them, they are a monster of a clunky shoe compared to most running shoes, but definitely seem to work.

    What kind of lettuce do you use for your lettuce wraps? It seems like whenever I attempt lettuce wraps the lettuce just breaks and ends up being a mess.

    Anyway, great work! Hooray for living colorfully!

    1829 days ago
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