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10 Things I would tell my Future-Self!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

This is a blog for my A & I Team, the BSG & the Peonies. Here are 10 things I would tell my self, say 5 years down the road, in 2018.

1) Look at yourself. You've done such a good job! Woo Hoo for staying with your program!

2) You've lost all that weight and don't you just feel so much better!

3) Congrats for breaking the Yo-Yo effect that has plagued you all your childbearing years up until 5 yrs ago, when you decided that you couldn't do this anymore and just started your 100 Day Challenges!!!

4) Sure, you've had some ups and downs, but you got back up, dusted your self off and climbed back on the wagon! You didn't just quit and gain all that weight back again, but doggedly kept pushing yourself so that you could enjoy your mid-life with less physical problems.

5) You did find out that life without all those sugar-laden pastries and junk food is still fulfilling and meals and treats are delicious without all the sugar and fat!!!

6) You have kept up with your walking! A big PLUS for your cardiovascular system ie: your heart! Much less chance of a heart attack! Plus it strengthened your heart muscle and with reducing the fat in your diet also helped your heart to not get overworked!

7) Remember how hard it was for you to start Strength Training??? Well...aren't you glad now that you did finally get that straight and kept at it?!!! It has so strengthened your weak muscles. Your heart doesn't have to work so hard because your muscles are strong enough to support your organs and bones. You have better balance, a real plus, especial as you age, getting into your 60's.

8) Look at all your children who have gone on in the work force and/or started families of their own. Because of persevering with your exercise/nutrition program, you are going to be there to enjoy their lives and your precious grandchildren!!!

9) Look at what a help has been to YOU, over the years!!! It's educated yourself with how to exercise, what to eat, how much water to drink, what to look out for with allergies, diabetes, heart disease, osteoarthritis and pain management, to mention a few. It has also increased your knowledge of vitamins and minerals, what foods to eat with different symptoms, etc, etc..

10) Now for the most important point of all. Ask yourself now, "Could you have made it without the help, encouragement, motivation, stimulation and even constructive criticism from all your Spark Friends???"

I adamantly reply, "No, I would have fallen by the way, dropped off the wagon and stayed down if it hadn't been for all my Spark Friends I made so far and for all the spark friends I will still meet! Thank you so very much for being there for me and encouraging me, picking me up and giving me a kick-in-the-pants lecture that, yes, I CAN do this and yes, you WILL do this! For being my cheerleader section!!! For giving me tips and recipes!! For challenging me to go that extra mile! Ya'll have been such a help and I want to thank each and everyone of you for helping me to Keep On Keeping On!!"
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