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Late Night Swimming!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I love my gym for many reasons..including the pools. There is this 25-meter lap pool that NOBODY uses after about 8 pm (the gym is open til 10 pm each night). So, basically, I have this giant private pool any evening I want. So amazing.

Anywayyy. I snapped this picture tonight to show you guys:

Today I figured out how to tie my ipod shuffle into my hair (fact: I have the thickest hair ever, so I just tie it up in a bun with the ipod inside...loop the earbud cables around the ponytail a few times, secure with pins and voila). It sounds dangerous but it works surprisingly well... time will tell if I end up ruining the thing or not

I did some walking lunges, side lunges, backwards walking, one-legged squats (things that I can't do on land easily). I feel like this pool work helps my balance and leg strength a great deal. This workout was such a welcome change from walking outside in the heat and humidity, and music made it so much better.

So yeah. I've been exercising every day since Saturday, and I feel great. I think I will continue this streak as long as possible (being careful not to overdo it each day so that I won't have to take a rest day).

I attribute my rise in energy to juicing... ever since I started doing it every morning, I've been having more energy, which makes me more active, which in turn makes me have even more energy, which subsequently makes me want to move even more...etc.

It's a positive feedback loop.
It's forward momentum.
It's awesomeness.
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