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Raining in my basement

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Sunday morning I woke up to a slight plumbing issue. It was raining in my basement. Well, not raining, more like drizzling - but still not something my basement is supposed to be doing. So I shut the water off (actually had the little guy do it because he really wanted to help) and talked to hubby on the phone about what else to do. The upshot was that there was simply nothing we could do right away. Sunday is the one day he works a day shift so he was at work until 4 o'clock and we'd just have to wait until then for him to look at it. Unfortunately I'm completely inept when it comes to home repair. Give me a checkbook and I'll balance the hell out of it, but put a simple repair in my lap and I'll give you a blank stare.

So off to the laundromat I went because if I didn't do laundry I'd have to go to work naked today and no-one wants that. I dragged my wet clothes home to run through my own dryer and I so counted that as ST for the day. Then I did as many of my household chores as I could without water. Everything but the bathroom and kitchen got clean.

Somewhere between shutting off the water and hitting the laundromat I called my folks just to whine about the weather in the basement. My dad's response? I was looking for something to do today so we'll be there in about 3 hours. How awesome is that? So my folks came down and dad figured out where the problem was, went to the store, got the parts and had it fixed before hubby got home from work. I tried really hard to make them supper, but they "had to get back" so they left without even letting feed them. While my dad was working on fixing the leak, my mom watched the boy so I could get my shopping done without him underfoot. I made record time.

Seriously - best parents ever!
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