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Char Woman, Hiking Photos!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Sunday evening when I was setting up the game at the bridge club, I couldn't help noticing some grubby stains on the carpet, one in particular looked like a dollop of doggy do. So I put my super duper cleaner to work and let it soak a while on the stains. Scrubbed it up good, but it took a few tries of getting that brown sludge up, what on earth could they have spilled and why couldn't they at least have tried to clean it up??
Monday morning I felt good, elbow included so after 40 minutes of warm up intervals on the elliptical, I did my challenging boxercise video which uses weights, and after 50 minutes of it I was pleased that my right elbow held up with no squawking. Then it was to the club and running the game. Was busy at first, but settled down. Then it was home and waiting for the wind to settle a bit so I could attempt cleaning my windows. After eight months of wind driven dirt and snow being blasted at them, they were pretty darn dirty. I tried to brush the worst of it off first before using the squeegee. Well, it was an exercise in frustration. Even on a wobbly stool, I am not tall enough to reach the corners well, and they were streaking like crazy. In particular, the window that opens at an angle was especially dirty and really awkward to reach and was what was streaking the worst of course. Tried at least seven times trying to get it clean, but it still showed streaks! Grrr! I am not a died in the wool perfectionist, but I do try to do the best job I can, and the streaks were so visible. Then I went inside which was much easier, as I could stand on a stable stool and reach all corners of the windows no problem. I also used my fresh vinegar and soapy water to clean my glass desk, bathroom walls and mirrors and was just enjoying the freshness of the vinegar smell. It took me two hours, 40 minutes to finish it all and my hands and elbows are pretty sore.
I must admit, I do not like my new Nikon Coolpix camera at all. It may be more expensive and have fancy features like GPS locater and wi fi, HD video, but I really don't need all that. The little aperture is in the top left corner and I am used to holding the camera there so have trouble getting my fingers out of the way, making it awkward to hold. Also there is very little zoom to it so no close up wildlife photos with it like my Canon. So it looks like I will stick with my Canon for my hikes.
So this is my first effort with it:

It was an overcast start to our day and with no leaves yet, very dreary, Daisy being the bright red spot:

This was a tough boggy trail, lots of up and downs and not enough boardwalk to cover all the wet spots:

Hazards were everywhere, hard to believe this was set up by off road bikers:

They would have to lift their bikes over this, was happy to have long legs :P

All those leaning trees, hope one doesn't come crashing down on someone:

No boardwalk to help us through this part, but Daisy didn't care and was impatiently waiting for us to pick our way through it without getting a good foot soaking:

Mom was wishing she had her poles to help balance through this part:

I am not shooting at an angle, lots of the boardwalks were tilted precariously:

More water to get by:

Finally getting out of the boggy part and the sun started to come out:

One last water hop:

The other thing very annoying with this Nikon camera was I had to figure out and jump through hoops to get it to upload its photos to my computer, and then when I finally found them, I was disappointed to see I had to rotate them so they were in the proper position. As soon as I plug my Canon in, it automatically uploads the photos to my computer and always has them in the proper position, no editing needed. So for a technophobe like me, the Canon is much easier to operate, no brains required, my kind of electronics. emoticon
Hope you enjoyed my hike, thanks for stopping by!
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  • ENUFF81020
    Hey, Linda!!
    First, my view on a new piece of technology is that they are always a pain and require time to adjust to. I shouldn't admit that I have a school assigned iPad that I can barely use. I just go back to my poor old ailing MacBook that is about 8 years old and has been worked hard virtually every single day since I took possession of it between work and home. I cannot figure out why I needed an iPad since I cannot do word processing/ printing with it. I use it for that as much as email and online work.
    Secondly, I am thrilled to hear that you have had improvement in that elbow. I hope this continues and that you have permanent relief. You deserve far more than that! I am always surprised and in awe of the intensity of your hikes and am equally impressed. You remain phenomenal in my thoughts.
    Thanks for sharing and for being such a friend. Enjoy everything dear friend!!
    Gentle hugs and more,
    1778 days ago
    A very adventurous trail. Thanks for sharing your pics.
    1788 days ago
    We are a rainbow of sparkies for sure because where as Connie was thinking it is a muddy hike I was not. Looks like a fabulous fun adventure hike. She is used to those pretty Florida areas with the fancy golf carts and bike rides.

    Wonderful how we get to share our own beautiful areas with each other isn't it?

    1788 days ago
    What a crazy trail. I think it was set up so they could do jumps, not leisurely ride. Too bad. It would be nice to have a flat trail through those treacherous areas. Similar to where I hiked a couple weeks ago, except it was set up by the boy scouts and it was flat, except where there was dirt path.
    1792 days ago
    Wow! You and your mother are serious hikers to go out in those conditions! Amazing to think bikers use those trails!

    I'm heading out on hikes this weekend but it will be much drier where I am going. It is wonderfully relaxing to hike in a beautiful place So glad you and your mother get in so many gorgeous ones!

    1794 days ago
    ... Great pics... thanks for sharing. emoticon
    1796 days ago
    Love the pictures. I have a Nikon cool pix, not such a nice model as yours. I have the 6300. But I had a hard time getting used to it. Looks like a tricky walk. I would have used my poles too. We have some areas that are hilly here and the poles make a big difference for me. I don't want to break anything!
    1797 days ago
    A very challenging hike lovethe photo's from the hike
    1797 days ago
  • JUNEAU2010
    That hike would have been a real challenge for me! Thanks for sharing...I have had a couple of disappointing cameras, so I totally relate to your frustrations!
    1797 days ago
    Great photos. I love the pic with Daisy - you should send that into the Star Pheonix or whatever local pic place there is in your area, cause it's just a beautiful spring shot. Her colour is just a perfect addition to the natural colours in the scene.

    It's so nice that your mom can still go on walks with you. I really miss the long walks my mom and I used to share. Never thought about them ending until I realized that we'd already had our last one. She still loves to walk but can only handle short distances and the terrain has to be pretty level. So, I admit that I'm sitting here pretty envious of you today.

    Learning new tech is such a pain - and I used to do it for a living (and it was a lot more fun when I got paid to take the time to do it I must admit). There is probably a setting that can be activated to have them transfer automatically and maybe even to rotate (may be on the camera or in my case it was in the software). I know I was complaining about a feature change with my new OS upgrade on my phone and my DH nicely showed me where I simply had to change a parameter and everything was "magically" like it used to be.

    I used to write systems training material and one of the first things I did for every program or lesson plan was to develop a handy short cut sheet for the most common things that users would need to do most often. Sort of like the FAQ. Amazed at how many things do not have that any more.

    Good luck with the camera - nice that you can still use your canon if you want too.

    Have a great week and thanks for sharing those lovely pics.

    Oh, and to answer your question from yesterday on my photo - yes, I grabbed the picture of the lotus flower from the web for my profile but then in the end decided to go back to my kindness pic instead. Sending you lots of sunshine and warm breezes (with no dust or smoke!) CJ
    1798 days ago
    So wonderful that you can share your walks with your mom!
    1798 days ago
  • KANOE10
    I enjoyed your hike. loved the pictures. I hope you figure out your new camera!
    1798 days ago
    What a hike!! We had Charlie out yesterday and like your Daisy he can be a bit incredulous that it takes his people so much longer to negotiate the muddy parts . . . "No claws on their paws, how foolish is that?" you can pretty much hear him thinking!
    1798 days ago
    emoticon I Love that You and Your Mom are able to Hike together!! That is such a Blessing!! The Trail looks Very Wild and Fun, though the mud would make you a little leery of it. Daisy is so pretty and I bet she is a Great Walking Partner!!
    1798 days ago
    My digital camera is a Canon and I like it..does the job for me when I do use it. But, I am not a person who likes all the bells and whistles on anything! That is why I love my smart phone camera, it actually has better pixel than the Canon. Only thing I would love to have is a new camera with a 70x zoom, so (as you mentioned) can see the wildlife shots better! One day I will get one!
    Enjoyed your hike...kind of too muddy for my liking though. But, anytime you can get out and enjoy the outdoors is ok in my book regardless.
    We went hiking on a 5000 year old shell mound the other day-5 acres of woods on top of it paths and a loop and it was right on the ocean and stood 28 foot tall, with cliffs overlooks! Gorgeous! Will post pics and blog soon! Glad to hear your elbow is doing better! Thanks for your nice comment on my blog- I am feeling better!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1798 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/20/2013 11:59:21 PM
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