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Rock N Roll the Race

Monday, May 20, 2013

Friday I drugged myself down to the fitness fair to get my swag bag. Then on Saturday I went back again with my sister in law. Saturday I wasn't feeling very well at all and I wasn't sure if I was going to make the run. At the fitness fair I found a holder for my phone that would strap to your hand so you could carry it with out holding it. I've been looking for something like this for a while. So I got that. ( I know nothing new on race day... but this isn't really new)...

Saturday night we had family and friends over for a pre race carbo feed. I was feeling better by the end of the night. Got our stuff all laid out and ready for the morning to rock n roll!

Slept all night with out a cough attack or anything woke up in the morning feeling much better. It was time to RUN!

On the way to catch the train, we realize that donut man can't find his phone. It was to be the communication point for us. He was to get the up dates on our progress so he would know how well we where doing and when we'd cross the finish line. We are quickly coming up with plan B. We park and look in the trunk of the car and there was his phone. Crisis diverted!

Down at the race my sister in law is in coral 9, and I'm in 14. We aren't too far off from each other. After a pre race photo, and a hug and wish of luck off we went.

A moment of silence for Boston the national anthem the count down and there we stand! HA! I was able to start my run at about 8:15 ish. I was in a 2:20 finish time coral. Hey I had grand aspirations a year ago when I signed up.

I started out strong and feeling good. Right after Coral 14 started the first guy was running back down nato at us, at the 5k mark! I had been dreading the run up and down Nato as it's so boring and been there done that! But I was looking for my sister in law so I didn't notice it so much. I never saw her.

My 5k split time was the fast 5k I've ever ran! I was feeling hot. It was muggy. I didn't think I was sweating much but my head just felt hot! Feverish? Maybe I don't know. At the water station I dumped water on my head to help keep me cool.

I got to see my husband and daughter just after the 5k spot. That was so cool and fun. He was so proud of my 5k split time. My 10k split time was right there with the 5k split time. I was keeping a good pace.

Then came the dreaded hawthorn hill!!! UGH! Last year I ran up it no problem. This year I could feel the lack of training the past month. I was running on muscle memory, and it was hard.

At mile 10 I got a text from my friend she was between mile 10-11 and was waiting for me. We she was my ghost runner. I needed her so bad. I wasn't feeling well at all. I was struggling a lot. Walking more having a hard time keeping going. My 15k split time was still right there at pace, but I knew I couldn't keep the pace up for another 30 min. I was done.

My friend help get me thru mile 10.5-12.1 At one point I was feeling very dizzy. I told her I was. I had been drinking both water and gatorade at the water stations but it wasn't enough for me I think. Something in my chemistry was out of whack. I had a rehydrate gel shot on me. So it took that and with in min felt better!

After I left my friend it was across the bridge and down a ramp for the finale mile. I looked at my watch at I was on track to make 2:30...If I could just run it in for 10 min all I had to do! I can do this!!!

Yah that's what I said to myself. My calfs on the other had said NO!!!! Coming down that hill they froze up! I had to stop and walk, to keep them from cramping all the way. Now I was in a whole different mind set game. I was needing to finish with out getting calf cramps. No more water station, no more electrolytes. What am I to do?

Well I was now to a run 10 feet walk 5 feet keeping myself moving with out getting the legs into a cramp. I walk most of the last 1/2 mile. I was able to run it in at the end. I looked at my watch and saw that if I could hurry I would PR.. just but I would PR. I kicked it up a bit and pushed it through. Looked at my watch and I think I did it!

Now time to get stuff go through the secure area, got one picture taken, and then went to look for my husband. It was crowded in the area and I had to talk to myself say "just keep moving, don't stop just keep moving." I found him told him that my calfs where wanting to cramp up big time. We got a picture of my sister in law and me with our medals. Found some Ice for my legs.. then it hit!

OMG! The worst! Cramps in both calfs, and my right quad. Then my feet started to cramp and my toes, and then my hips wanted to cramp also. I was on the ground! In pain! My sister in law worked on my feet and found a pressure point, my husband was doing assessments on me, my daughter opened up the gatorade and fed me a banana. What great support crew I have!

We got it to stop for a bit I tried to stand up it hit again I went down with a CRY OF PAIN! ( you may have heard me if you where there) That got so much attention. Next thing I know I'm in a golf cart headed to the first aid tent! Now that's a first! taken to the medic tent!

We think that due to all of my illness I was just a bit dehydrated to start the race and then it just got worse. 3 bottles of gatorade later. BTW I HATE LEMON LIME FLAVORED! (and that was all they had) I was walking on my own will power again.

OH and by the way the official time 2:33:02 I PR'd! by 2 seconds! Just imagine how it could of been.

I will say this was a test of endurance athletes at it's finest. From the pre race issue, to the the struggles a the end. I pushed on and I finished. Truly I am still wrapping my head around the greatness of what I did yesterday because in part it doesn't feel like it in that I didn't finish strong like I would of liked to. But I have to keep reminding myself I almost couldn't event start.

Oh and my sister in law.. miss speedy.. she did it in 1:58. I told her I would be a half hour behind her.

Next up is a triathlon June 8th, maybe a 5k, in June, and 1/2 marathon July 4th. That I hope to truly PR!!! By more than 2 seconds.

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