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No swearing in the work place

Monday, May 20, 2013

This actually happened to my husband years ago.

The Owner of a manufacturing and distributing facility was walking through the shop. Wherever he went, he heard people swearing. Not just some people but everyone. He viewed this as a bad reflection on his company’s image. The Owner called a meeting and said he will personally terminate the offender.

The next day, my husband had to make service call for a very high profile customer. He was told by the Operations Manager to go immediately and the truck was loaded and everything he needed was supposed to be on the truck. My husband grabbed the paperwork and left without checking the load. When he got to the job site, he did not have everything he needed. The customer proceeded to curse at him and became very irate.

As my husband was driving back to his work place, the more he thought of the incident, he became enraged. When he arrived, he went to the Operations Manager Office only to find the Owner was standing there. The Operations Manager asked, “Did you get it taken care of?” Husband replied, “No, I didn’t have the right stuff on the truck!” The Operations Manager said, “Well, didn’t you check the load?” My husband remembering he was told everything is there, replied, “Fornicate this defecation, I’m tired of working with a bunch of rectal orifices!”

The owner just laughed.

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