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My super fancy anniversary (with pics) WARNING: High mush level

Monday, May 20, 2013

None of this is weight-loss related. I just felt like sharing. I'll have another blog up soon that IS weight related. I didn't want to taint my beautiful anniversary story with the negative bits.

So Friday was our 10 year wedding anniversary and to celebrate, Chris surprised me by arranging for us to go to a hotel overnight. But not just any hotel - The Ritz Carlton at Reynolds Plantation - which is the fanciest hotel in all of Georgia. I have never been anywhere that fancy in my entire life so excuse me if I sound like a Beverly Hillbilly but I assure you, that's exactly how I felt!

We pulled up to the place and it looked like a castle. Overly friendly people wearing weird golf capri pants and argyle knee socks insisted on valet parking our mini van which was absolutely mortifying for me because we haven't cleaned the inside of that car in months and I have two grubby little kids. Then they led us inside like a kindergarten teacher guiding a child into the classroom on the first day of school. Everyone kept asking if we were there for a special occasion because it was pretty obvious we don't do this kind of thing often. I wanted to lock myself in our room for the rest of the night so I wouldn't have to talk to anyone but Chris wasn't having it.

On our way to the pool, we came across a hammock and I demanded we get in because I've been saying I want one for weeks now. Chris was less than enthusiastic because I took at least 50 pictures trying to get one where I didn't look terrible. He hates when I do that.

The pool was an interesting experience. Not because of the pool itself so much, but the fact that I had to walk around in an actual bathing suit in front of actual people. Fancy people. In fancy bikinis. Not that i made a point of walking around. I hustled into the pool as quickly as my little sausage legs would carry me and then when it was time to get out I made chris go get me my towel and i had it around me before I was even out.

Here's me in the pool. With a special guest appearance by Chris's finger. I wish I didn't have such mental issues so I could've enjoyed it more. We did manage to get the hot tub to ourselves later that night which was really nice.

It was really pretty, over looking the lake.

Chris was in a big hurry to get upstairs for the music they were having in the lobby which i thought was weird. Who cares about elevator jazz or a string quartet or whatever these fancy people have in their fancy hotel lobbies? I forced him to take some more photos on the way there.

It's like a castle right?!

Oh yeah, somewhere in there we had dinner. The restaurant was all patio seating overlooking the lake and the menu was a bunch of stuff I would never eat so I got the least fancy thing which was still super fancy : a burger. . . with lobster salad and brie cheese. Not my favorite burger ever. and it cost $16. After turning down complementary champagne to celebrate our anniversary for the 5th time (no exaggeration), they finally offered us something useful instead : dessert. (We don't drink). It was gooooooooooooooooooooood. wish i still had some. mmmmm.

So we finally got to the lobby and I was relieved that the musician was playing actual music as opposed to musak. Turns out that the lobby is the happening place to be in fancy hotels because not too long after we got there, all the bikini girls from the pool showed up in their maxi dresses and wedge heels. So then musician guy started playing the opening chords to "She talks to Angels" by the Black Crows which I immediately recognized cuz its one of "our" songs from back when we were lovesick teenagers and then musician guy paused to start this little speech about how its a special night for some people here and 10 year wedding anniversary etc etc. and I quickly realized he was referring to us. Chris had arranged for this guy to play all the songs that have been special to us over the years! It was really sweet. By the time he got to "Crush" by Dave Matthews Band, I was crying.

Here's a blurry pic of the guy serenading me.

That was pretty much the highlight for me. Although the breakfast buffet the next morning comes in at a close second. It was $25 a piece which is just insane to me but possibly the best food I've ever had in my life. Even the coffee was like the best cup of coffee I've ever had. After we checked out and we were standing there waiting for the valet to come back with our car, this older couple in a benz rolled up and the lady said as she got out "we're just here for breakfast" pfffffft. Who are these people?! Who just gets out of bed on a saturday morning and decides to go to the Ritz Carlton and drop $50 plus the cost of valet parking on breakfast. I mean I know these people exist. I just personally dont know any of them!

It was really sweet how my husband set the whole thing up and just goes to show why its been so EASY to be married to him for 10 years. Seriously, he's amazing. And it was pretty nice to have a night off from the kids. It was our first night EVER away from them overnight. Just to have adult conversation without being interrupted every 15 seconds was worth the trip.

Ok now you can all look forward to part 2 where I complain about how crappy I've been eating and bathing suit shopping.

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