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I am so not a city person!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Well the best part it that even though the day was long..... left at 6am and returned at 11pm, I was more than glad I went to see my niece graduate from college!!! And yes, the ceremony DID last 5 hours!! But I finally got to see her beautiful campus at Fordham University and I was so happy to be part of the day and so very proud of her for graduating Magna Cum Laude!!
The challenging part of the day came after the ceremony when we ventured into Manhattan for dinner. Now my young niece forgets, that although I am in pretty good shape, I am still 30 years older than her, and am not at all used to city life!! Now mind you, once we went back to her apartment for her to change, she donned a pair of 3" heels for our trip into the city. I however,made the point of wearing comfortable flats for the day. Immediately we were running to catch the bus that would take us to the subway. If we didn't run we may have had to wait another 30 minutes for another bus, which would have meant we wouldn't make our dinner reservation. But..... we didn't have bus tickets yet, and the bus was coming down the street so we had to run even faster!! OK first hurdle accomplished!! I won't bore you with all of the details, but I spent the next 6-7 hours running to catch buses, subway trains, get across the street without being run over, dodging hand carts on the sidewalk while someone was yelling at us to "get out of the way", and finally hurrying back to the Metro North train that would take us back home..... amen!! I know that there are many people who absolutely love the city, my niece being one of them, but I am not included in that group. It is noisy, crowded, dirty, overwhelmingly confusing ( at least to me as far as the transportation system is concerned), a little bit scary, and just to busy for my taste. I find it amazing, especially "running" through the subway stations how there can be that many people going in so many different directions, each with their own agenda, and not paying any attention to anyone else! The subway trains were way over crowded.... frequently we had standing room only and had to hang on for dear life so we didn't get knocked over each time the train started and stopped. There is however, always a silver lining. It was fun to see the pan-handlers in or near the subway, who sing, play instruments, dance etc to earn a living. We heard and saw so many unique "acts" with people who were really quite talented. The day was initially quite warm and we were worried that sunburn would be a factor, but then it became overcast and by the end of the day it actually began to drizzle, but we came out unscathed. My shoes also worked out quite well... no soreness or blisters. It was good that we brought food and snacks. We are our breakfast on the train, had a snack at a break during the ceremony. I didn't need my book as we spend a lot of the down time "people watching", which was actually quite fun, and we finally finished up the day having a very lovely and delicious dinner at a downtown restaurant. I had a wonderful piece of grilled salmon, with mashed potatoes, and fresh carrots and snow peas..... and YES, I did eat the chocolate lava cake!! How often does your niece graduate from college????? I'm sure all the activity more than made up for it anyway.
So yes, we did all have a very nice day, yes, I'm very glad I went and NO, I never want to live in New York City!!
PS The other girl in the photo is one of my other nieces (sister of the graduate)
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    Perhaps the next time you visit our city, if you slow down, and stop running to the bus, and running on the subway, you'd enjoy it more.

    I've lived here 20 years, and while I love to get out to the mountains and be in the woods, I couldn't live anywhere else.

    The diversity that we live with is a blessing. I'm in Queens, and we are the most diverse county in the country. My kids have options of so many different great public schools, they're in schools with kids who speak dozens of languages and practice every faith you've ever head of. If it isn't rush hour, and you aren't rushing, you can see a lot of very beautiful things on the subway too.

    I love it. It runs 24/7, I don't have to have a car, I have exercise built into every day because I walk everywhere, even if it's to the subway. I'm the last stop on my subway line so I always get a seat if I want one and I get all my reading done instead of having to drive a car around.

    A hectic visit with a youngster is no way to judge a place. Congrats on your niece's graduation!
    1855 days ago
    Sounds like a great trip. Congrats to the graduate. I'm with you -- nice place to visit but always happy to go home. emoticon
    1855 days ago
    I am so impressed you navigated Manhattan and all its crazy, busy, people swarmingness ( new vocabulary word HEHE!) in high heels to boot!. I know you had your niece as a guide but that's no easy feat. Sooooo not my cup o tea, I much prefer "go down the road a ways then take a left past the tractor and bear right by the giant oak tree...you can't miss it! no people in sight mode!" LOL

    Sounds like a great day was had. Conrats to your niece and yea i'd say the Lava cake was well deserved and you definitely worked off dashing about the city.

    Kudos to you for giving that a go!
    1855 days ago
    I think your attitude is great! I totally agree with you about ANY big city, I've never been to NY City but have imagined it to be exactly as you described. Your niece did all of that in 3 inch heels? My feet hurt just thinking about it. I always wear "sensible shoes" too, I never would call them that though, I refuse to be that old emoticon
    Dinner sounds great and I think you're right, you probably ran off all the lava cake calories and more besides.
    1855 days ago
  • CDCSMITH2013
    I love your attitude. Sounds like it was an interesting day with some fun and excitement. Congratulations to your niece.
    1855 days ago
  • CHERYLA2012
    Hurray for you having a positive and exciting experience!

    You are singing the song of my husband's people... in other words, I married to a small town country boy.
    1855 days ago
    LOL LOL - As you can tell from my screen name I adjusted to what you experienced from birth. Now living in a rural area, I jump when I hear something rustling in the bushes. It's usually a squirrel or chipmunk, but it COULD be a snake or a fox or a (fill in my fear of the day).
    Seriously, I love both places. All that running for public transit works to keep you in shape. Now I drive everywhere.
    Congratulations to your niece. I know Fordham very well.
    1856 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/20/2013 1:22:14 PM
  • LYNSEY723
    I'm glad you had such a good trip!! I have not had the luxury of being in such a big city - I mean, Seattle is big, but not the scale of Boston or New York. I don't think I could do big city life either. I'd like to try at some point though, I think it'd be quite the experience!

    Have a great week, my friend!
    1856 days ago
  • LEWILL1982
    Sounds like you got a city style boot camp. Glad you hada good day!
    1856 days ago
    First of all - I don't "mind" the city - but I don't like it either. I'm a country girl at heart. Leave me in the middle of the forest - listening to birds chirping and squirrels chattering and I am one happy lady. I guess that's why I was a bit down this weekend - no hikes for us (dh has sinus infection and pollen is very high).

    Glad to see you braved it - and sometimes seeing and experiencing what you don't like - helps you enjoy what you have a little more.

    So glad you enjoyed yourself - and glad you were smart enough to bring sensible shoes!

    1856 days ago
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