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Happy with Who I Am

Monday, May 20, 2013

I've been doing some reflecting on my goals and accomplishments for the past couple of weeks. I have been evaluating and trying to figure out where I am and what I want. Here is what I found:

I feel good in my clothes. Twelves are easy to find and I have always carried my weight well and people regularly underestimate my weight by 20-25 pounds.

When I get glimpses of myself in mirrors or windows, I am happy with what I see. I am never going to have a concave belly with protruding hip bones. I have 'bat wings' and saggy, baggy elephant legs. I am a soon-to-be 56 year old grandmother. I do, however, have a flat abdomen and have to make an effort to "pinch an inch".

I can run up and down stairs with no pain and no shortness of breath. I can leg press my weight with little difficulty. I enjoy the weightroom and the cardio room. I think about a 5k walk (won't run and destroy my knees anymore!) with a snicker, because that is a short walk.

I am happy where I am and have reflected such in my goals. My body seems to like where I am. It is effortless to maintain this lifestyle with my current calorie range and activity. I am happy with who I am today. Maybe later I will decide to lose more. Maybe I won't. But for today, I am happy in my skin.

The pressure to lose is off. I will revel in maintenance and enjoy it, for THIS is a new frontier for me. I have reached goal many times, but never focused on the maintenance. This is exciting for me. Today, I begin a new life; that of a lifelong maintainer.

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