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Chew your food!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

This week I focused on chewing my food more. I noticed that I normally tend to chew my food about 8 times before i swallow. That isn't very much, and I guess you could call it "wolfing" down food. I am not sure where I picked up this bad habit, but I think it is from working jobs that give short or no breaks to eat. This is okay for dogs, but not me! So each night at dinner I practiced chewing every bite 30 times.

Here is what i learned:

1. Food is much easier to swallow when it is properly chewed. Dry foods can get stuck in your esophagus and cause pain and hiccups when swallowed too soon.( i know this from experience)

2. It stretched my meal time out over two and half times longer. When you gulp your food, you are not giving your body time to register the fact that you have eaten something, and then you end up eating MORE before you feel full. I ate much slower when I concentrated on counting my chews and I started to feel full before I was finished, and one night, I left almost half my food on my plate. (Which I never do!) I also felt more relaxed and I didn't get indigestion.

Other things I have been practicing to enhance my mealtimes.

1. Drink a glass of water before I sit down.
2. Eat sitting at the table.
3. Turn the TV off
4. Put my fork down between bites.
5. Stay seated the whole time, and for 5 minutes after I'm done. (example: don't get up and start looking for stuff....)
6. Take smaller bites.

Other suggestions:

setting a timer for 30 minutes
setting the table with a placemat, and napkin and flowers in a vase
use fancy china

This practice really helped me become more aware and also to enjoy my meals more, you should try it!

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