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Three Things

Saturday, May 18, 2013

I've written blogs in the past about the things I felt compelled to share with the world that I was grateful for. I remember being thankful for whoever invented the air conditioner last August. I remember being thankful for my doctor's concerted efforts which gave me back my energy, got rid of tinnitus, migraines, and balance problems after I stopped chemotherapy. I remember being thankful for the full plate diet which helped me see how to eat in a healthy way to lose weight without hunger. I remember being thankful for Spark people being here every day. Just in the last couple of days I wrote somewhere (thought it was a blog, but it's not here) about being thankful for the sunrise that looked like Someone was painting a water color in the sky that morning.

So now, I'm to write about three things I'm grateful for. That's really quite a list already, but I feel like I should update my list. And lest anyone think I'm NOT grateful for family and friends and God and country, I AM. I could probably go on in that vein for a list of 100+ items. No, I'm going to keep this list today focused on why I'm working here at Spark People.

1. First of all I am grateful that this program has gotten me up out of my recliner, out walking morning and evening, and working out in the community pool morning and evening. I no longer sit immobilized in my chair. I recently went shopping for a whole day in between my workouts and lived to model my purchases.

2. I am grateful that Dr. Fuhrman has been brave enough to say what he has learned is true if you want to be healthy. I didn't really want to hear it. For years, I followed an eating plan? that I felt was my right to follow, a gift to myself. I gave myself the right to eat all that stuff. I'll spare you the list, but thanks to Dr. Fuhrman's ideas behind his level 3 plan, I no longer eat anything made with white flour. I am now giving myself the gift of health in every meal. Thanks to him, I no longer want to give myself the gift of obesity, migraines, arthritis, diabetes, artherosclerosis, and cancer. I am grateful that he helped me realize that healthy = happy.

3. I am grateful every time my scale registers another half pound lighter. This morning, tears came to my eyes when it was down a whole pound. I wasn't expecting it. A thyroid issue has almost stalled the weight loss, though I continue my meal plan and fitness plan for my health. This one pound probably means more to me than the other 57 pounds.

Why is that? Well this pound means that I have stayed the course, kept on in the face of weeks with hardly any movement. It was easy to stick to the plan when there was a steady downward trend in the weight department.
It was easy to stick to the plan when health issues were being erased periodically from my "problem list." But it was getting hard to stick to it when the scale remained stoically in place, not budging. It was getting hard to stick to the plan when the thyroid issue was diagnosed and meds still don't appear to be fixing anything. My temperature has actually gone down steadily instead of rising. And all the other measurements I can monitor have remained the same. I kept telling myself that my veins and arteries were clearing out. I kept telling myself my heart was looking younger and younger. I kept telling myself that my brain was thanking me for giving back it's life by clearing out unneeded fat from my skull so there was more room for my brain to do its thing. But I didn't really believe that because my memory is still pretty dodgy.

So that one pound, 4 sticks of butter, was a huge signal. As if,


flashed in neon digital letters on my scale this morning.

4. I know the blog title says Three Things. And that was the outline for it. A. B. C. But I just discovered D. a 4th thing I'm grateful for--the weight tracker here at Spark People. You know how I just said my memory was a little dodgy? Well I decided to see what my weight was on March 26 when my doctor skipped all around the office because I had lost 35 pounds since he had seen me 6 months before. The weight tracker shows I have lost 6.5 pounds since March 26. Not quite the 5 pounds every 3 weeks I had gotten used to, but the scale was definitely NOT stuck in one place for the last 2 months like my dodgy brain was telling me. So, I don't know what my thyroid test score is going to show at the end of the month, but I do think Doc is going to be surprised at my continued weight loss. Maybe I should take him a pogo stick or a hula hoop, at the very least.

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