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Saturday, May 18, 2013

This is the New Guinea Impatiens that my 85 year old Aunt bought me for Mother's Day.

This is my bamboo that my best friend bought me three years ago. It was in a bowl with water beads but it started dying so I repotted the remaining stalk in soil and it's looking a lot better.

this is one of my smaller pineapple plants that I have. I cut the tops off and plant them when I buy pineapples. This one was planted towards the end of last summer.

this is my wild and crazy aloe plant. It was so top heavy that it just laid over and grew. I repotted it trying to get it back upright again.

this is my itty bitty pineapple plant. I came up off one of my big pineapple plants. I got it separated and I'm hoping it will live.

this is the pineapple plant that had the little sprout come up.

the dark green pots are my Meyer Lemon trees that I've grown from seeds. The other pots are the tangerine trees I've been growing from seeds.

this is an older photo of my biggest pineapple plant. My Dad lives in Florida and he gave me this little pineapple plant that he had growing in his yard. He keeps asking if I've got a pineapple off it yet but I haven't.

Those are some of my plants. I'm hoping we won't have a killer heat wave this summer like we did last year. None of my lemon or tangerines survived it and I almost lost my pineapples. When you have 112 degrees plus the high humidity plants don't do well no matter how much they're watered.

I've got to get some more potting soil to work on the other plants. Hoping I have enough left to fill a small pot to plant some seeds. I have two planters that I got from my Aunt. They are very heavy - think they're made out of concrete or something. They need to be cleaned out and repainted because the paint is peeling off. I'm holding off to see if there's any flowers going to come up because my Aunt said there were some in there. Also, I planted some of the red berries off dogwood trees last fall when they got soft and I think they've come up so I'll need to pot those until they're big enough to plant in the yard. Fun fun fun! More potting soil needed!

Everyone have a fantastic weekend! emoticon

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