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What do you do when you have lost your motivation

Friday, May 17, 2013

This inquiry (and a lot of my punctuation is not working on Spark People, not sure why: but no question mark, no apostrophes) caught my eye. Message Board thread.

So: I would say that it helps me to lose my expectation that I will be motivated. And it helps me to lose my justification, that if I am not motivated that would be a reason to stop doing whatever it is I need to so. Stop exercising. Stop tracking nutrition.

Motivated or not, I am going to keep on.

Because . . . for me motivation is always after acquired. Almost never before.

I feel motivated after I have done it. Done whatever it is I needed to do.
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    "The motivation is always after-acquired"- I think you must have been referring to this post when you commented on mine - I LOVE that statement- soooo true.

    Just catching up on reading your blog. So glad to find many of us still plugging away successfully at this thing called maintenance. I'm still waiting for it to be easy!!!

    Okay - back to reading more Ellen Inspiration now...
    1817 days ago
    Way true, way true.
    1828 days ago
    Thank you.
    I added these to my cognitive retraining notecards.
    1828 days ago
    I am often motivated to go to the gym just to see the people there that I know. it has nothing to do with physical fitness. It's a social thing. But the fitness is a good by-product.
    1828 days ago
    I love the way I feel after working out. Before... not so much. But I KNOW I'll feel great afterward, so I do it. Who am I hurting if I wimp out and refrain from exercising? Myself!
    1828 days ago
  • NANCY-
    Loved DEBRA0818's
    "Motivation, like willpower, is like an ocean -- it comes and goes in waves. "
    We must do what we need to do.

    1829 days ago
  • KANOE10
    This was excellent. There are times when you just need to keep eating healthy and to keep exercising because that is your new life. I always feel better after exercising even if I was not in the mood to do it. Yes, your motivation can come afterwards.

    1829 days ago
  • DEBRA0818
    Motivation, like willpower, is like an ocean -- it comes and goes in waves. I have also not counted on it to see my through, but rely rather on my conscious contact with God and my plan of action -- both of which do not require motivation in order to occur. A little willingness maybe!

    1829 days ago
  • PHOENIX1949
    1829 days ago
  • _LINDA
    I feel exactly the same way. I wasn't into goals, awards, or challenges because for me, I have always loved exercise and had no problem doing it because I knew how much better I would feel after. It was tracking my food and getting an education in calories and serving sizes that needed to be learned and now that too, I find fun and enjoyable and am satisfied when the numbers all come together.
    Yes, its definitely that after glow that is the motivation of a job well done.
    1829 days ago
    Sometimes I am soooo motivated and rah rah rah! And others I am not.at.all. And this is all about eating healthy. The exercising is fun, although sometimes when I don't feel like it I may drag myself kicking and screaming to the gym and I always feel better after. I never regret a workout. And that keeps me working out on the odd day I don't feel like it.
    1829 days ago
    I am always motivated toward my overall goal of eating healthful foods and losing weight. I just point myself in the right direction and do what I have to do. Each day is a fresh start. Some days it's easier than other days. Some days I don't make it, but most days I do. No matter what, I am always pointing in the same direction.
    1829 days ago
    I agree. I have come to a place where I just do it - don't even think about whether or not I'm motivated. I just exercise because I'm alive. I just eat well because I'm alive.

    And it's true that I guess there is the post-motivation. But also, knowing about how great I'll feel later is a kind of pre-motivation for me.
    1829 days ago
    You know what- I have good days and bad but I will never ever go back to where I was-
    I simply cannot!
    Once you see the healthy path, you would have to be stupid to take another one!
    Mine may be a meandering path but it is going in the right direction.
    I have never been this old-
    or this healthy!
    1829 days ago
    One foot ahead of the other and in the right direction, build a healthy habit and voila! Motivation comes along! I liken it to Newton's Laws of Physics: an object at rest (ie all those extra pounds!) tends to stay at rest and requires EXTRA effort to deal with, whereas an object in motion (the downward scale, the steady workouts, etc) tends to STAY in motion!

    1829 days ago
    Hmmmm, I'm going to have to think about that. I know I feel more motivated when I see a difference on the scale or with my clothing - and yes, that's after the weight loss. I feel that boost of "wow it's working I can keep going" - but I'm not sure I feel more motivated after a good workout. (Mostly I feel a mixture of triumphant and tired!)
    1829 days ago
    Keen observation: "I feel motivated after I have done it." Never thought of it that way, but it works. I'm always full of motivation AFTER my workout or my event, too.
    1829 days ago
    Amen to that! A lesson I need to remember from time to time. Don't think about it. Just do it!
    1829 days ago
    You are one smart emoticon !!!!!!
    1829 days ago
  • TLG71567
    1829 days ago
    Yes. Tell yourself you're not motivated today, and will just do 5 minutes exercise. Guaranteed you will go longer.
    1829 days ago
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