I completed another goal..woo-hoo

Friday, May 17, 2013


I was determine to stick with the program and complete all the Insanity workouts.
My work schedule, illness,exhaustion and appointments had schedule extended than
the normal 65 days to complete them. I first started the program on 2/17/2013 and
finished the last final Fit test on 5/16/2013..that was way longer than 65 days..haha..
but I was determined not to give up. Sweat, tears and pain, that Shaun T, Kicked my
butt and some, but I endured to the end and .. emoticon I feel much stronger.

I am trying to jog more and do more outdoor activities. I am going to still do my Insanity workouts. Last night at work, so many of my coworkers noticed my weight loss.
One person even grabbed my arm and said..oooohh, you got to tell me what you are
doing. I felt good and I think it's funny that most of my compliments were all on my last
day of my Insanity program. I think that was Insane.

My Fit Test Results ( Insanity -one minute- fit test are done every two weeks)

The first number are results from Day 1
My Final Fit Test (#5) is the last number
1. Switch Kicks Day 45 / 140
2. Power Jacks 47 / 71
3. Power Knees 103 / 136
4. Power Jumps 12 / 77
5. Globe Jumps 12 / 11
6. Suicide Jumps 9 /17
7. Push-up Jacks 12 /24
8. Low Plank Oblique 43 /90

I'm going to emoticon

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