"You think you are going to run a 5k?"

Thursday, May 16, 2013

I don't know why I don't update this more often. I always think about it, I guess that is just me being lazy! I skipped my Monday weigh in last week. I actually did not plan on going because we were going to start the C25K last week on Monday (same time as my meetings). But it was storming so we pushed it up to this week. I went to my weigh in this week but did not stay for the meeting and went straight to the park for our first day. My weigh in was perfect! I lost 4.2 lbs! I was so happy :) I finally feel like I am honestly and truly on the right track!

Last Friday night I went to Sam's house with the ladies for a girls night. We had a lot of fun! We made pizzas using biscuits and I loaded mine up with veggies. I did enjoy an ice cream sundae that we made.

My friend Lisa and I making our pizza

On Saturday Bill and I went fishing with some of his friends from work. All I have to say is that it did not end well, at all!! Fishing was ok, I actually fished. None of us caught anything though. It was cold and I wore capris and flip flops. (I thought we would be doing more things outside the rest of the day so I dressed for that). We had been fishing for a couple of hours and Bill wasn't feeling so well so we were going to be taking off soon. I decided to move down a little bit to see if I had any luck. Boy was that a mistake!!! I ended up taking a step in mud and slipping. I tried to catch myself but I fell flat on my butt! I quickly tried getting up and continued slipping. When I finally got up I was covered in mud from my mid section down, front and back... I was so upset!! I cleaned up the best I could then Bill and I headed home. By the time I got home I was able to laugh about it but I was so embarrassed! Now I think it's the funniest thing ever.

Bill with his big catch, a stick!

Me giving fishing a try. This was obviously before I fell lol

Last week was a good week. I walked a ton and ate really healthy. I counted all of my WW points and even stuck to it over the weekend. During the week I pretty much ate the same thing every day. I had made a Fiesta Chicken recipe that is full of veggies and ate off of it the entire week. I had it with brown rice one day, as salsa for baked chips another, and a burrito which was my favorite. It was yummy and filling.

This was the bowl of salsa, it’s just black beans, corn, tomatoes, bell peppers and onion. I added chicken and baked it for the rest of the week. It is soo yummy!

I found these soft taco shells at Kroger and they are only 1 WW point each. And more importantly they taste great! They are a little expensive but I think that they are worth it.

This past weekend was a good one. I met Bill for dinner on Friday night. We ate at Pot Belly again. That place is really good! On Saturday I lounged around for a little bit then Bill came over for dinner and a Movie. We watched Couples Retreat and it was pretty funny. Sunday I went to Cincinnati with Bill to meet his parents. We all went to dinner at TJI Fridays. It was really good and his parents were adorable!!! They are both in their 70's and couldn't be any cuter. I can see where Bill gets his personality. They were both the nicest people! When we left both of his parents gave me a hug bye. emoticon

Monday I weighed in and the first day of our C25K group stuff. My brother Tony and I decided a while back to create a facebook group for it to see how many people we could get to join us. We thought it would be so cool if it ended up being a huge group of people! There is a handful of people doing it on their own, or with each other on the same days as us but not with us because they have other things going on. It's nice to see everyone on FB posting about it. There are about 4 of my cousins doing it together. At the park so far this week my brother Tony, his wife Erika, and their kids, my sister Kerri, our friend Morgan, and a friend of mine that I have not seen in a while, Katie. I had ran into her at Meijer a little while back and had mentioned what we were planning and she was so excited. So the first day was tough but I felt great when I was done! Tues. was our day 2 and OMG was it hard. My legs felt like they weighed a million lbs! But I stuck it out and felt amazing once I was done. Tonight is day 3 (weather permitting) and I can't wait to be finished with week one. Even though I know how much harder week 2 will be...

Katie and I at the end of the first day!

My brother Tony, with his wife Erika and their son Alex. (I am sure I've mentioned these two before. They have both lost tons of weight!)

So after day 2, I was at home in the living room talking to my mom about how it went. My dad is half listening and I hear him say, you think your guys are going to be able to run a 5k? (he is saying this as he chuckles because that is the funniest thing he has ever heard). At that very moment I wanted to just crawl inside my own body and disappear, if that makes any sense. It broke my heart. I just looked at him and said yes, actually that is the whole purpose of this training we are doing. I don't plan on running one anytime soon, but a big goal of mine while trying to get healthy is to run a 5k. He said "ha, well good luck with that" and chuckles again. I got up from my seat, told him "I want to see him at the finish line in November when I am running across it after running my first 5k" and just went to bed. I can't believe my own parents don't have faith in me. My mom was sitting there and didn't really say anything when he said that. I don't really think she feels the same way as him, but she didn't stand up for me or anyone of us doing this. I started to cry once in my room but quickly came to my senses and decided to use that as fuel to get me through all of this hard work. Tonight, when I am out there doing the intervals of running and feel like stopping, because it is so hard, I am going to think about that comment and pick up my pace. Even now thinking about his comment just kills me. I can hear him saying it plain as day. And I wonder why I never felt confident in anything, ever, my whole life.
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  • SUE5007
    Ditto to the other comments. You can do it. Even if you have to extend a week to last three weeks in order to give yourself time to adapt. You can still do it. So what. We all start somewhere. Don't give up. Slow progress is still progress. And it's progress, not perfection, that gets us to our goals.
    1860 days ago
  • CARA_FIT37
    I'm so sorry :( Sometimes people just are very sensitive to what we are feeling! I have faith in you! If you put your mind to it you totally can do it! emoticon
    1864 days ago
    1864 days ago
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