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First Post, and Summer Goal Setting

Thursday, May 16, 2013

I've been wanting to begin blogging on SP for a while now, but I always stall when it comes to what I should say. I want the first post to be monumental, have some sort of special significance. Like the first day of a new streak, or a big milestone. I'm done with waiting! So this first post might be a bit rambling, but I have to start somewhere. :)

So, I fell victim to a food pusher today. I was so good - I made a smoothie that I drank as I walked to work. I packed grapes for lunch, although admittedly not much else, as I figured I'd either make some soup I had at my desk or if I wasn't very hungry, have a larger dinner later. I'm sitting there thinking how proud I am when my co-worker comes to my desk. She is a very sweet older lady, and because of a shipping error she received two boxes of chocolate-covered strawberries for Mother's Day. She held them in front of my face and said, "here - I don't have enough for everybody." I said "I really shouldn't..." - she knows I've been struggling to get back into weight loss, and she has too. But I caved because I kept thinking how nice it was that she picked me to give one to.

I share this as an example of the horrible willpower I have (which has seemed to decline lately). We had a late Cinco de Mayo party last Friday, which included a pinata. I probably finished off 1/4 of the candy myself. Most of my "slip-ups" tend to happen at the office, either because of temptation or because I haven't adequately prepared. It's hard not to run and get that $1 slice of pizza from 7-Eleven when I'm trying to save money and haven't packed lunch.

However, I am making some good efforts. I ran my third 5K last weekend (the Color Run) and was stoked to see I had set a PR without really trying. Of course my friend with a GPS watch informed me that the course was 2.75 miles. But I still ran faster than my first 5K, and the difference in how exhausted I ended up was astounding.

I also got a membership deal to a gym for 10 days to kickstart my summer efforts. Again, I'm trying to save money so I am not paying for a full membership during the summer when I can be walking/running outside.

And I am also trying really hard to buy more produce and use it before it goes bad. I made a few bunches of kale chips, have had lots of smoothies, and walk to the Farmer's Market each Sunday.

OH! And the biggest thing is probably that I went to Puerto Rico last month, wore a tankini most of the time and a bikini some of the time, and actually TOOK PICTURES in them that I LIKED. That hasn't happened in forever. I chalk it up to better body image and toning from all the walking I do. I also came back gaining no weight after all the food and alcohol, because I was so active - kayaking, snorkeling, hiking, lots of walking. I know I wouldn't have had the stamina for all these before my weight loss.

After the first half of our hike, in the pouring rain.

I'm hoping that I can stop sabotaging my efforts this summer. I am going to try to get back into journaling, which I did every day while I was losing my 29 pounds but have only done sporadically while gaining 7 of them back. I will kick those winter doldrums to the curb and work my butt off!
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