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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Successful things that happened this week (so far. it's only Thursday!)

*My husband finally realized that if he drinks coffee in the morning, he feels more awake during the day. Yes, you heard me right. He just realized it. He was convinced that coffee did nothing for him, and insisted on buying energy drinks. (GROSS.) But on Sunday we were going to be SUPER tired, and we had to teach Sunday school (only two Sundays left!) so we made coffee and he was like, HEY, THAT'S GOOD STUFF. So every day this week, so far, he's made fresh coffee in the morning and he's been awake at work.

This makes me happy for two reasons: 1. he's not grumpy and tired all morning. 2. I really enjoy the fresh coffee every. single. day.

*I organized my desk! A while back I found this little "mini shelf" on clearance at Target. I thought it would be a nice augmentation to my smaller bookshelf, but it's not quite big enough to hold most of my books. So I put it on my desk. We also got a set of 2 drawers from the "dumpster loot" at school so, with that in mind, I organized the whole space. The printer is now more accessible and I have a place to put the pencil sharpener so that it doesn't fall over all the time. I also have ACTUAL DESK SPACE. Let's see how long before I cover it back up with papers or some project I need to finish.

*All of the dishes are clean. Except for the cup my coffee currently resides in.

*I gonna go for a walk with the dog in a little while here. Because the sun is shining. Woohoo!

*I started a project today that I've been wanting to for a while. It involves spray paint, but I had to do it inside. So I opened a window. But it's stuffy. Thus, the walk will also help me not inhale the fumes.

That's all for now. Just having a nice day. emoticon
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