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Life Turned Upside Down

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Well things have been very crazy for me lately. I don't even know where to start.

I guess I can start with the fact that last Sunday May 5th, I got sick with an upper respiratory infection. Super fun right? Well I felt like complete crap & am still sick now more then a week & a half later. I went to the doctor & they were pretty much like get rest & fluids lol. I was so sick the first week I pretty much did nothing but sleep! I also has the worst earache imaginable but luckily it is not an ear infection.

Anyways that really sucked. Being so sick my apartment fell apart. My husband & roommate did nothing ofcourse....the mess stressed me out like hell on top of it.

Then this Sunday my husband left town to visit his mom, I was still sick. And he came back late monday night. I was pretty stressed over a million things & super worried about my ear because the pain was really bad & the last time I had gotten sick with an ear ache my ear drum ruptured and it was really bad & scary. I was mad that my husband still had not gotten the insurance fixed.

So anyways he came home and we got into a huge fight over stupid stuff. He was feeling sick too then so we were both sick and cranky. But the fight got bad....

He kicked me and then hit me. I was screaming at him to leave me alone or I would call the police and he told me that they wouldn't believe me, that I had no marks & i would then be homeless because he would kick me out.

Now I am not that crazy girl who is like my husband beats me and I don't see it. No u should never ever hit anyone but sometimes ppl get mad and hit other ppl. I've hit him. And he doesn't hit me so hard I have like black eyes or anything. But yes it was still unacceptable. I did end up having a bruise on my leg as well.

That night I almost took my life. I didn't thankfully, and glad I didn't. But it was a bad night. And the next day he refused to let me use his cellphone to text anyone though I needed to. I had a super sore throat and could barely talk, plus my ear ache made it hard to hear. And my phone doesn't have texting.

Anyways yesterday he got sent home from work because he was too sick and had to go to the doctor for a note saying when he could return to work. So he took us both to the doctor.

Afterwards my sister got a hold of me and I had already told her everything that had happened and she said she was coming to get me lol. We argued about it. It is a really difficult thing for me. I love my pets. I can't have children and my pets are my babies. I love animals often more then people. They have been there for me when no one else have been. Times I was at my very lowest, somehow my cats knew and came & comforted me. i can honestly say I would be dead right now if I hadn't had them to live for. On top of that I feel that I took on these little lifes with a promise to care for them and I can't just abandon them.

But talking it out with her I agreed I would go to visit...for a few months. IDK how long...somewhere between 2-6 months I guess. I can take my rats with me. My cats and birds have to stay for now. I know my husband will care for them.

This all is so sudden. Next Thursday, May 23rd, My sister is coming to get me. She is driving from El Paso Texas to near Buffalo NY. It is a 30 hour drive with no stops! And she is going to try and straight drive that as fast as she can by leaving on Wed & getting here Thursday. CRAZY! Then pick me up and either leave right away & get a hotel later or she will sleep here and then drive back that night. I can't drive so will suck but be fun too. Roadtrip! lol

I am scared but excited and sad all at once. I miss my family so much and being with them will be fun and great. But leaving my cats even for alittle bit hurts alot, I will miss them so much. Anything new is also scary. I am planning on getting my drivers license there and a job. Just try to get better and build myself up.

IDK what is going to happen yet its so scary.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Honey, I am so sorry that you are going through this. I totally understand your feelings for your pets too; I love my baby girl (dog) Missy very much and couldn't imagine leaving her. In any case, your life is too precious to throw away. No one is worth that. I will be praying for you, sweetheart.... praying for total healing for your life and all God's blessings and protection over you. emoticon Karen
    1844 days ago
    Despite everything, you have started making some wise decisions about your life. I am so glad that you have decided to be a victim no longer even though it means being separated from your beloved pets for several months. Best of luck and enjoy your road trip.

    1857 days ago
    Sorry you had a rough week. Glad you are still here though. Trying new things and making changes is very intimidating but so worthwhile in the end. Getting your driver's license is a great idea. It will give you the freedom to go where you please and you won't get stranded anywhere!

    I understand how you feel about animals. I feel the same way. I particularly love dogs and couldn't imagine life without animals.

    Good luck with your road trip and all of you upcoming endeavors!

    1859 days ago
    Oh my goodness, what you have been going through I can not even begin to imagine. I am just so glad you have a sister who is there for you and willing to come along side and support and help you get your life turned around and back on track. And I hope it won't be too long before your cats and birds can join you in your new life.
    1859 days ago
    Change is difficult and scary, but that doesn't mean it won't be good. You are lucky to have a sister who loves you enough to do what is best for you. All your spark friends are here for you no matter what.
    1860 days ago
  • JOHGLO2011
    So sorry for how rough things have been for you and so glad you have a sister that is willing to help you! You are very valuable to God and many people, family, pets, etc. It is not worth taking your life for anyone or anything. Praying you can get the help you need and that your future will be a happy one! emoticon
    1860 days ago
    Oh my goodness. Violence is a zero-tolerance condition. It cannot be excused by saying he didn't hit all that hard...this time.
    It is a very good thing that your sister is on her way, but I am concerned about how you will fare for the upcoming week. Maybe a women's center can offer advice or at least check in with you daily to make sure you're all right.
    Please take good care and caution.
    Best wishes.
    1860 days ago
    emoticon each day brings something new, starting over sucks a lot, lean on your family. Soon you will be so strong, you will always look forward never back
    1860 days ago
    Sorry life is so rough but getting away will give you time to make some healthy choices. You deserve a good life and the situation does not sound good. I hope you can get well and put your health and happiness first! emoticon
    Counseling by a professional would be best to avoid this ever happining again! emoticon emoticon There will be a rainbow at the end of the tunnel!
    1860 days ago
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