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Wednesday, May 15--A ball game, Concerts, and Mason's 21st Birthday

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Hi all,

Life stays hectic enough in my world and I am sure that this is a good thing. It has been really busy and looks as if it will stay this way for weeks to come now. Sunday was an awesome day around here--it was a bit windy, but that seemed to match the activities around here. Our son Mitchell ran his first race on Sunday, a half marathon. He looked pretty amusing in his bright pink shirt and matching socks--his weight loss makes him look pretty good these days as well. He is so settled in with his job teaching fifth grade in Davenport. He completed his mentoring and portfolio last week and has been recommended for his standard license. Iowa does teacher things so different than Illinois--and that may be a good thing because their schools aren't in the chronic trouble that the ones here are in. I'm so glad for him.

Our school had it's "Book Buddies" baseball game with our triple A team (for the Houston Astros this year--it seems to change pretty frequently), the River Bandits. It was so sunny and beautiful at the ball park that the wind actually was a blessing there as well. Our team didn't win, but it was a good time for all of us who came. The Bandits have a 4 week program where the kids earn a prize for meeting a weekly reading goal. This year, first base was a kids' meal at "Dickie's Barbecue," second base was a kids' meal at "Texas Roadhouse," third base was a ticket to Niabi Zoo, and home was a ticket to a baseball game and a free lunch (hot dog, chips, and apple juice.) I know that some of the eating might be better, but we can't give prizes for doing homework, so this is a nice motivator in a time of the year when spring fever is making the kids rowdy and difficult.

Monday and Tuesday evenings were Marissa's jazz band and show choir concerts. They do the basic concert both nights but the solos are different. We went to both, Marissa sang a solo on Monday and a duet on Tuesday, besides her three alto sax solos and a couple of solos with the various choirs. I enjoyed these so much. They are well-produced and just plain fun with good music to enjoy. I have tons of photos from the ball game and the concerts--and a few that were sent to me of Mitchell crossing the finish at the race that I will try and share here. I also have a few videos from Monday night's concert--I didn't get to video on Tuesday because I forgot to bring my spare batteries.

Between work last night and the concert, I had an appointment with my pain doc. It was a follow up to my last injection and my back has been awful lately (as has my shoulder and most of my aching areas...) He checked me out and determined that the pain is coming from my sacrum. He tried to inject into my sacrum from my lumbar area but there is simply no space to get a needle into there because of my previous infection and scar tissue. SO--he went through a tiny hole in my coccyx that he said 95% of people have and then twisted the needle around and got the medicine to go up to my sacrum via a nerve line that left steroids in the entire nerve area. He had filled me full of anesthesia--marcaine and lidocaine, so my upper legs and my entire rear end were numb for the majority of the evening. That's a weird set of sensations. I will have him to care for me as my anesthesiologist at my big surgery in June (in honor of my back) and then I see him a couple of weeks later to check on my lower back. I didn't request him for my rotator cuff repair in July because it is really a more minor surgery and he would have to leave his big jobs at the hospital to come to the ambulatory surgery center for that. The docs there do a great job for their patients so I am not worried about that. I will then have until August 1 to go to work and I am already mourning over all of the lost swim time I will have this summer when it is beautiful out.

Today is Mason's birthday and he is now 21. He spent his day here mowing the lawn, after he took me to work and ran umpteen errands before checking in at work--what a great kid! We are so blessed with the kids we were given.

I'm off to share some photos with you all--have a great week!!
Gentle hugs,

The Bandits announce the schools in attendance while the kids get to march around the field.

The weather was really gorgeous. (I decided not to put photos of other people's children up--in the interest of their privacy and safety.)

Here's the camouflage afghan that I made for Miles a couple of weeks ago--I have a new pattern of a baby blanket that I am expanding to make an afghan for Marissa in her favorite colors that happen to match the colors of the college she is planning to attend.

The show choir's musical was "The Addam's Family" and it was great! The did two songs in the dark, one had them using little flashlights to lighten different persons from time to time. The other had them all wearing white gloves under a black light and they danced with their hands. Those were great effects to enjoy.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    It sounds like Mitchell is really doing great with his weight loss, running, and his job.

    Happy birthday to Mason. Mine was the 17th.

    Your school really offers some good incentives for reading.

    Marissa is so talented. All you children are amazing.

    I hope that shot gives you some relief.

    1828 days ago
  • _LINDA
    Wow! Busy busy with your children as usual! Congratulations to Mitchell on his race finish and weight loss -bet you inspired him!
    Wow, that injection you described just made me cringe, so glad he had you well numbed up before it!! hope it works for you! Wonderful to hear you have Doctors you trust.
    Happy, happy birthday to Mason, officially an adult, able to vote and go into bars (I was 24 when I went into my first one and only because my buddy insisted -to get some good free snacks at happy hour -the bar scene interests me not and since she moved away many years ago, I have not been in one since.
    Love the afghan! Well done with it!
    Congratulations to Marissa on all her solos!! Look forward to hearing them!
    Thanks for the updates!
    {{{gentle hugs}}}
    1834 days ago
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