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The NSV is Blowing in the Wind!

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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I had a pretty cool non-scale victory yesterday! I was at the garden center at Kmart, buying some flowers. There was a slight breeze...and the t shirt I was wearing rippled a bit.

Okay...you might be thinking "So? Where's the non-scale victory?" Well, the NSV is that my shirt was loose on me! Its a t shirt that used to fit right up against my tummy. (Not too tight to wear...but not at all loose, either.) When I put that shirt on yesterday morning, I was in a rush to get going to Kmart, so I didn't even notice that it was looser on me. Until that breeze. When I felt that shirt ripple, I had a WOW moment. "Hey, this shirt is loose on me!!" I had such a big smile on my face, people were probably looking at me like I was nuts or something, lol. But I didn't even try to hide that smile. I was so happy, I couldn't have hidden that smile even if I'd tried. That NSV was a definite sign that I'm past the plateau, and losing weight! Since I don't weigh myself (my last weigh in was in September), I rely on these NSV's to judge my progress.

I'm still pretty far from reaching my goal size...but I'm also pretty darn far from where I first started last year! I've lost a lot of weight, and thats absolutely awesome. But I've also gained health, and trust me, thats a WHOLE lot awesomer! (Yes, I know thats not a real word!)

When I first started this journey (March 1, 2012) I put away the scale and decided that instead of worrying about the weight, I would just do my best to make each day as healthy as possible. At 286 lbs, I knew that if I thought about weight, I would just be overwhelmed. But by making it all about health, it was not overwhelming at all. Each day, each healthy choice I made...it gave me a sense of pride and accomplishment. I knew that if I continued to just keep doing my best, one day at a time, I would make progress.

I know I will reach my goal eventually, as long as I just keep doing my best every day. In the meantime, I am enjoy the heck out of feeling healthier, stronger and more energetic than I've been in many, many years! Health really is wealth!

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